dilettantin produktionsbüro / Michael Fesca

Oct 2011  


Thursday, October 6th, 8pm
dilettantin produktionsbüro, talk and tasting

Saturday, October 8th, 8pm
Michael Fesca
featuring dilettantin produktionsbüro

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97, 10435 Berlin

October 6th, 8pm
dilettantin produktionsbüro, talk and tasting

Anneli Käsmayr will talk about her recent work as dilettantin produktionsbüro with focus on the three year long gastronomic project dreijahre Gastraumprojekt which took place in Bremen 2007-2010. Currently she works on a book about this project bringing together eight different writers’ perspectives on the (im)possibility of running a restaurant as an art project. She will give an insight to her work structure, play some music as well as provide a tasting of her current taste products.

Anneli Käsmayr studied at the University of the Arts in Bremen. Since 2003 she works under the synonym dilettantin produktionsbüro which functions as a conceptual research field operating in the space between art and everyday life. Terms like space, sensual experience, work, taste and sound are being explored in their relationship to art and non-art. In doing so it always comes back to the question of art in general – can something be art that does not look like art?
Käsmayr often collaborates such as with music and art collective SEX (with Michael Rieken and Branka Colic) with whom she also forms the DJ-collective sexsoundsystem and has just released their first EP – Can’t find no sex in the record shop.
She has had exhibitions and projects amongst others in Städtische Galerie Bremen, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin and GAK Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst Bremen. With different group collaborations she had the honor of receiving the Bremer Förderpreis fur Bildende Kunst 2005 and the Kunstpreis des Freundeskreises der HFK 2007 and this year she was rewarded a 2months residency grant in New York.

On October 8th she’ll support artist Michael Fesca with his performance Swinging Plasticine at Errant Bodies.

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October 8th, 8pm
Michael Fesca
with dilettantin produktionsbüro

In a process over several weeks Michael Fesca has produced a five-piece set of tableware with Plasticine – sensitive vessels for beverages and dishes, which can be deformed with every touch and are never fully hardened. A soft, oil copy of “fine tableware” was built, which in turn will be brought into ritual use on one evening. The dilettantin produktionsbüro created a five-course meal especially for this dinner set, of which courses will be served individually to the evening’s guests.

Michael Fesca investigates the perfomative, time based phenomena of static images. His concepts require unusually long realization periods during which the performative act is often brought into the realm of everyday life, questioning the role of obsessive craftmanship and technical virtuosity in Fine Art.
Utilizing handcraft to experience the progression of time, Fesca risks losing the large-scale overview with an exorbitant intent on excessively virtuous details.

After an apprenticeship as a fine goldsmith, Fesca studied Fine Arts at the Bremen University of the Arts. Michael Fesca developed a number of collaborative art projects using research methods into the relation of art and life, among those as co-founder of the Projektraum Berlin, and at Acadèmie Galan in southern France and Haus Köbberling for Dokumenta XI. In 2010 he started the long-term project “Occidental Bonsai,” produced by the Schöppingen Art Endowment. Michael Fesca’s work has been exhibited at numerous theatres and art institutions, such as the Shedhalle Tübingen, Volksbühne Berlin, Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst Bremen, Schwankhalle Bremen, Schauspielhaus Bremen, and the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen.

For “Swinging Plasticine” he invited the dilettantin produktionsbüro to contribute culinary support. Fesca and the dilettantin produktionsbüro have been connected for a long time through their various exchanges on the edges of art and “non-art”.

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