The New Silence (j.chang k.nutters mj.olsen) – in residence

2 Dec , 2012  

The New Silence aims to further specify and articulate a location by manually adjusting the background noise during a performance or social situation, redefining the threshold of silence, thus revealing the new ...


Econew-mics: Ethnology of Crisis

9 Nov , 2012  

"What does the crisis sound like?" and "What does the crisis look ...


Jeremy Woodruff – in residence at Errant Bodies

1 Nov , 2012  

Jeremy Woodruff - in residence at Errant Bodies / November developing his project "Sounds of ...


Dennis McNulty – in residence at Errant Bodies

8 Oct , 2012  

a framework for a sound performance in which a recorded text is subjected to a series of improvised manipulations, pitting language against the fabric of the performance space to slowly reveal its perceptual ...


In residence, Luis Guerra

12 Jul , 2012  

The "seminar" is developed as a platform for knowledge production and ...


Chico Mello – Buch CD Performance

11 May , 2012  

Mimesis und musikalische ...


map – media | archive | performance

11 Apr , 2012  

Online-Publikation - Forschungen zu Medien, Kunst und ...


Fred Dewey, Simone Forti, and Jeremiah Day – NewsAnimations

10 Mar , 2012  

a form Forti invented to address what is going on in the world and how it can animate art, the civic space, and lived ...


Not I

22 Jan , 2012  

a series of works by artists experimenting with new modes of performativity, to research the gaps and openings between voice and language, sense and communication, I and Not ...