Hannes Lingens – Four Pieces for Quintet

Feb 2014  

Hannes Lingens – Four Pieces for Quintet
Download and Print release (insub.)

Saturday, February 8th, 7pm

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin

Johnny Chang – viola
Hannes Lingens – accordion
Koen Nutters – double bass
Derek Shirley – double bass
Michael Thieke – clarinet

The Five Pieces for Quintet (four of which are represented on this release) are both a visual work and a suite of minimalistic compositions. Graphic systems to be interpreted as musical scores, with colors representing pitch regions. Five floating chords, static on first sight, but full of detailed inside movement. Exact tuning and rhythm are left to the decisions of the players, which guarantees each perfomance to be unique and results in a richness of microtonal phaenomena.

My pieces evoke the idea of a system. I like the thought that someone could find these images and, assuming a certain logic behind them, try to find out what they mean. This someone might come up with a completely different result from our realization of the scores. If music is about communication, then maybe these pieces are about language.

The release comes in the shape of a paperback-sized screenprinted jacket containing an A3 poster with prints of the scores and accompanying texts.