Ernesto Estrella

Aug 2014  

Ernesto Estrella
The Insider. Episode I: “Dance of the Unreadable”

Saturday, August 30th, 7:30pm open doors, show starts at 8pm (sharp)
*Materials related to the creation of The Insider series will be displayed in the gallery.

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin

The Insider (a voice series)
Enter the mind of a retired customs officer who is being haunted by the memories of those that were passing by in front of him while he was on duty. A trip that will take you from the vault of popular cultures, to the disintegration of languages, and into the precious details of personal stories. Inner borders are dissolved, and fragility becomes our new precision. Sensitive and voracious, “The Insider” intervenes into the cultural DNA of our times and presents us with a nomadic identity faithful to the multiple pulse of our daily human being.

Ernesto Estrella is poet, musician, and educator born in Granada who has lived in New York since 2000. Between 2007 and 2011 he was a professor of Contemporary Poetry at Yale University, and since 2012 he has turned to Berlin as a second base for his artistic and academic projects. As a musician, he concentrates on the voice’s potential to explore the poetic process through sound. In this vein, he has created a wide array of pieces for performances that have been presented at international festivals in Argentina, Uruguay, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Russia, Finland, Latvia and the U.S. He is part of the international quartet Berlin Sound Poets Quoi Tête, and has also been teaching seminars on “Ethics, Politics, and Performativity of the Poem” at Potsdam University.