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The Collective Tongue

Feb 2015  

The Collective Tongue
isik . knutsdotter

Performance & Presentation: Saturday, February 14h – 19:00h

A travelling collection exploring the idea that our surroundings both internally and externally are sculpted through oral (the mouth) and aural (the ear) muscles. This concept is used to consider place, collectivity and materiality with the potential to produce a new language of informal architecture.

The project is developed at Errant Bodies through a series of public dreaming sessions. These sessions use sound and objects, working with the idea that sound and material have the ability to transcend the present, allowing the conscious and unconscious minds to merge. These public dreaming sessions will sculpt a social imaginary (The Collective Tongue) and be used to produce the final performance and presentation event.

Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin

isik . knutsdotter / Louise Sayarer and Eva Vikstrom
Their work together reflects upon the role of participation in dialogues about social architecture and urban change constructing new forms of interdisciplinary working, whilst providing a practical social context for research. Together embarking on ideas and experiments regarding the notion of public, language and wider uses of creativity. These subjects have been explored in public spaces and with a series of responses using video, performance, installation, drawing, sculpture and sound.

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