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IN THE SOUND FIELD – Perspectives on Field Recording III

Jun 2017  


Works by Alessandra Eramo, Georg Klein, Georg Werner, Ines Lechleitner, Jeremy Woodruff, Kirsten Reese, Laura Mello, Mario Asef and Peter Cusack

upcoming: 22.-25.6.

Alessandra Eramo »3 Places where I can sing: Songs for Valparaìso«
The project investigates the sonic memory of the inhabitants of Valparaíso in Chile who are interviewed about songs related to the city. From the recording of this process, Eramo has created a sound composition and performed in various places of the city specifically selected for their symbolic connotation, also using her voice. The work aims to generate a new and bizarre oral history of the present, connecting the sound memory of the inhabitants and Eramo to the public space of the city.

Ines Lechleitner »Looking for Voices«
Video projection
Based on field recordings made by Ines Lechleitner in 2005 in a primate research reserve on the remote island Siberut in Indonesia, the video is an hommage to failed communication attempts: between humans and animals, between a sound and an image. When body and media are at a loss humour takes over.

Mario Asef »Sozio-Phonon«
Sound-Installation for six loudspeakers
Using field recordings from a wide range of sources, the Sozio-Phonon project combines specific acoustic events in a global relationship to one another. The installation unite a number of distant places in a single “here and now,” where the individual acoustic social particles can no longer be pinned down according to location.
A phonon is a quasiparticle used in theoretical solid-state physics to describe quantum mechanically the characteristics of acoustic vibrations in crystal. Phonons are delocalized, i.e. a phonon exists in the overall crystal lattice and keeps from being assigned to a specific location.

at Errant Sound, Kollwitzstr. 97, 10435 Berlin

Opening times: 18:00-21:00 opening night, 15:00-20:00 exhibition