Vorspiel 2018 – Fernblick

Jan 2018  

27.01.18 18:00 – 22:00 @ Errant Sound Kollwitzstrasse 97

transmediale Vorspiel 2018 / Errant Sound

Exhibition with works by Laura Mello et al., Alessandra Eramo, Brandon LaBelle, Georg Klein

How is human behavior shifting in an age of telematic possibilities? More than ever, the internet offers us ways to know about distant countries and places without the necessity of being there. This new type of access should extend one’s personal experience and sharpen the view onto foreign cultures. Instead, the political trend these days shows that the medial irruption of the unknown into our lives can also create incomprehension and fear of the “stranger”.
In contrast to what google shows under the term “Fernblick” – holiday places with view to beautiful landscapes – the exhibition offers a view into the distance by bringing into focus gestures and actions that form their own environments. Sound and listening are utilised as the means by which to define an artistic position between yearning, memory, homeland.

Alessandra Eramo

LONG DISTANCE IMAGINATION (2018; 40 drawings: ink and pencil on paper 17X24 cm, voice composition: 4’50” loop)

The ongoing project Long Distance Imagination is a drawing and voice composition exploring the identity and expectation of places in an era with shortening distances and with the possibility to travel the world through the internet. As in a game or a dare I incorporate images and sounds of unknown places which I never visited before or have seen only in the media. Those places, real or imaginary, become familiar and take part to a new personal aural and visual narration emerging through automatic drawing, through word and singing, reproducing and repeating themselves, thus becoming symbol of the journey.

Artist website: www.ezramo.com

Brandon LaBelle

THE PIRATE IMAGINARY” (2017; video, 60min)

It is like a ship / Like a shipwreck / This abandoned place / Abandoned / Empty / It is like a ship / Abandoned / Capsized / Turned over / Lost / On the island of the urban center / It is like a ship / The island of resistance / This ship and the island / The territory and the horizon around / What can we find here / To hide in the ship / To occupy / It is like an empty fortress / This abandoned ship / Around which the population and the political territories exist / This ship becomes an autonomous figure / It takes over / It introduces something else / The pirate / The pirate / And the ship / The abandonment and the possibility / The take over / It is a minor figure / This pirate

Artist website: www.brandonlabelle.net

Georg Klein

TRASA(2004; documentation of the interactive installation)

TRASA was installed first time in 2004 between Berlin and Warsaw. The interactive installation plays with a visual live contact in public space, with succeeding or failing communication, with nearness and strangeness. The alienated visual contact was embedded in a sound atmosphere playing interactively with two audible poems by Heiner Müller and Wislawa Szymborska. The documentation shows in 4 chapters different behavior on both sides of this doubled mirrored situation: 1 – Self Perception, 2 – Awareness of Others, 3 – Communication, 4 – Meetings

Artist website: www.georgklein.de


WINDOWS FAR AWAY, INNER SOUND“ (2018; telematic video-text-performance by Camila Zerbinatti (BR), Sérgio Abdalla (BR), Karen Werner (US), Renata Roman (BR), Mariana Carvalho (BR), Bella (BR), Mirian Steinberg (BR), Anna Tskhovrebov (US), Alejandro Jaramillo (CO), Daniel de la Vega (MX))

During WINDOWS FAR AWAY, INNER SOUND, 10 artists from the American continent share their window views through skype and type in realtime a description of the corresponding soundscape. For that, each artist has a 25 mins slot of time, from 18:00 to 22:00 pm, Berlin time. The work opens a space for individual ways of expressing the perception of sound using the means of language (words, syllables, phonemes) and the possibilities of the medium (skype video-chat), as well as invites the audience to “listen with the eyes”, stimulating the so-called inner ear.

Artist website: www.lauramello.org