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May 18th and 25th Tier-Bild-Ton. New soundtracks for silent nature movies

May 2018  

new installative and performative sound tracks for silent nature movies of the twenties

May 18th and 25th 2018
bar 7.30 pm / begin 8 pm

We are used to a fairly conventional aesthetic in nature movies’ sound tracks. Their focus is mainly the realistic representation of the depicted scenes with added generic music to  support the drama. For our series seven sound artists aim to create a new relation between image and sound in the representation of birds and plants.

May 25th
Part 2: The Cuckoo – The Pea

  • Steffi Weismann: multiresistent
    interactive performance for objects, voice, electronic and video projection. 2018
  • Thom Kubli: Peas, Cues and Sequences 
    electronics and percussion. 2018

short break

  • Antje Vowinckel: Wieviele Fehler sehen Sie in diesem Bild?
    film-performance for silent fragments, voice and speakers. 2018
  • Ines Lechleitner: Cuckoo’s Cooking
    sound food performance. 2018

followed by public discussion with the artists and Mareike Maage, author and producer at RBB.

May 18th
Part 1: The barn owl / The strangler

  • Kirsten Reese: Tyoto Alba Archive Soundtrack
    sound and text. 2018
  • Alessandra Eramo:  Her voice becomes cheerful again
    for voice, theremin and electronics. 2018

short break

  • Laura Mello: The Strangler´s Show Episode #1 Shifting Time with the Strangler or ´Cause I´m a Strangler Here Myself  lecture-performance for visual projection, movement, voice, sound, based on the six viewpoints method. 2018

Followed by public discussion with the artists and Mareike Maage, author and producer at RBB.

artistic directors: Ines Lechleitner and Antje Vowinckel

idea: Antje Vowinckel

Supported by Bezirksamt Pankow and inm-Berlin