Augmented Spatiality

Dec 2018  

Augmented Spatiality
Non-Site (A conversation)

Rocío Calvo
Juan Cantizzani
Marina Hervás
Martyna Poznańska

María Andueza

3-7 December: Internal work of the group of participants

Public opening: 7 December, 19:00h
Gallery hours: 8, 14, 15 December, 15:00 – 18:00h

Sound is crucial in the definition of public space today. Through listening, sound stimulates participation in the territories we inhabit. Even if listening is unconscious for many, sound is still affecting our bodies and influencing our experience of a public space. By appearing and occupying unexpectedly a space, sound is able to create one of the temporary autonomous zones that Hakim Bey coined. This way sound appears as a tangible presence in the space that evades the structures as they are usually conceived and contests the temporality and spatiality of the public. In these situations, considering sound beyond hermeneutic listening brings into consideration sound as substance for community and communication.

Non-Site (A conversation) is a collective situation dealing with the public space in relation to the exhibition device. During the first week a group made up by Rocío Calvo, Juan Cantizzani, Marina Hervás and Martyna Poznańska will explore the displacement of the concept of “public” in between the gallery of Errant Sound and the territory of Berlin.

Following the words by Robert Smithson, the proposal is conceived as “a non-trip to a site from a Non-site”. The work-in-progress during the week will consider and jointly explore, through sound interventions and documentation as living matter, the ways of appearing in and occupying out the urban and the exhibition space. Non-Site (A conversation) will be thus built up in the gallery out of the transition from the individual to the common and the round-trip paths between private and public conditions.