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REOPENING project space

Mar 2019  

Reopening Errant Sound : : Friday, March 29th 2019 , 7 pm

We are very happy to announce our new project space in Rungestraße 20, Berlin-Mitte! It is funded by the Arbeitsraumprogramm (ARP) of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe of Berlin and supported by the Mietergenossenschaft rs20 e.G.

You’re cordially invited to our opening party
with an exhibition and performance by:
Janine Eisenächer & Steffi Weismann
On the object-based know-how and auditory knowledge in sound performances

Opening: Friday March 29th 2019 I 7pm
Performance by Janine Eisenächer and Steffi Weismann : 8.30 pm

Exhibition/Listening Space, Performance, Lecture
29.3. – 10.4.2019

Opening Hours Exhibition/Listening Space: Sat 30.3. , Mon 1.4. , Thu 4.4. I Mon 8.4. , always from 4 to 8 pm 

Finissage / Closing: Wednesday April 10th 2019 , 7 pm
Exhibition/Listening Space: 7–8 pm
Programme: „Sound-based Actions: A Type of Practice. A Type of Philosophy. A Type of Analysis. A Type of Art. I Lecture by Prof. Dr. Elena Ungeheuer (University of Würzburg) I 8 pm
    „Titel später“ I Performance by Sven-Åke Johansson I 8.30 pm
    „Ritournelle“ I Performance by Anaϊs Héraud-Louisadat I 8.50 pm
The lecture and performances will be followed by a discussion.

For celebrating the reopening of Errant Sound in its new space in Rungestraße 20, the performance and sound artists Janine Eisenächer and Steffi Weismann will present their new collaboration READY MAKING #1. Within this artistic research-project, Eisenächer and Weismann invite their guests to collectively reflect upon the relevance of sounds and noises that come into being through sound-based actions (“klangpraktische Handlungen“, Elena Ungeheuer) with objects and materials in performances from the fields of Performance Art, Sound Art, and Experimental Music. Furthermore, they investigate the object-based know-how and auditory knowledge in sound performances: What do we learn and experience from the encounter with everyday objects when playfully exploring their acoustic potential and listening to them? What agency do these things and material sounds entail? How do we perceive time and space while making sounds with objects?
After their first variation of this project, which both artists realised under the title READYMADE GRÜÜSCHSCHSCH ——- at Gallery TART in Zurich in the beginning of this year, they now turn the new space of Errant Sound into a listening space. Visitors are invited to playfully explore and performatively interact with diverse objects based on specific instructions for making actions and listening to them. In their performance during the exhibition opening, Eisenächer and Weismann condense their collected experiences and knowledges with selected materials. In addition to that, a video work will be part of the exhibition that presents excerpts of interviews with Livio Beyeler, Janine Eisenächer, Anja Ibsch, Markus Gössi, Pascale Grau, Irene Maag, Muda Mathis, Barbara Naegelin, Boris Nieslony, Lara Russi, Andrea Saemann and Steffi Weismann, who remember sound-generating actions in performances.
READY MAKING #1 focuses on non-amplified sounds and noises that come into being through object-based sonic practices in the field of Performance Art. In the course of further events in this performance and lecture series, amplified sounds and noises as well as sound performances from the fields of Sound Art and Experimental Music will be discussed.