Bill Fontana

Nov 2019  

19.11. at 6:30 pm 
Bill Fontana 
talk and screening curated and moderated by Roberta Busechian

The event aims to open a dialogue between the artist and the audience, focusing on his recent works, reveling his practice between different decades and definitions of time and space through site specific sound installations.
ABOUT Bill Fontana
Following and capturing sonic shadows that reside in the structures of our environment is one of the fundamental issues in the work of Bill Fontana. Fontana pursues these shadows with attention to our acoustic perception of those structures and how we place ourselves inside those sensory tensions between what we see and what we hear about the structural world. Fontana, born in Cleveland in 1947 and based in San Francisco, has used sound for as a sculptural medium to interact with and transform our perceptions of visual and architectural settings. For over fifty years, he has relocated sounds and created an expanded idea of music through sonic resonances.