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Ready Making #2

Jun 2020  

Friday 10. July and Sunday 12. July 2020

Burkhard Beins: Por Extended – performed with Michael Vorfeld (20 minutes, at 18:30 and 20:00)

Neo Hülcker & Stellan Veloce: Ear Action (1+1 performed by Neo Hülcker)

Alvin Lucier: Opera with Objects – performed by Anne Wellmer (12 minutes at 19:05//20:35)
The series Ready Making – sound performances with things is curated by Janine Eisenächer and Steffi Weismann

Burkhard Beins: POR, Foto Steffi Weismann, 2020

READY MAKING is an event series and artistic research-project curated by Janine Eisenächer & Steffi Weismann. The title sets the art-historical concept of ‘Ready Mades’ – the found object (objet trouvé) in motion and into performance mode, focusing on the sonic dimension. The (composer-)performers enter into a tactile process with materials and objects, with their surfaces, forms and acoustic features. The second issue of the series is dedicated to the materiality of space and spatial listening in three different situations: indoors and outdoors, all without miking.


mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Musikfonds / with friendly support of Musikfonds