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The Silence Behind the Sonic World

Sep 2020  

Jutta Ravennas Live-Performance for five Solo loudspeaker and soil

Manuelle Abdämpfung des Klanges / the entire sound is completely damped by earth manually in seven volume levels. Photo: Steffi Weismann

sound installation: 16.09.-20.09.2020
wednesday – sunday, 5pm – 8pm
live-performance: friday, 18.09.2020
6pm and 7pm

performers: elai messel, juliane winkler, roberta busechian, max joy und pia ewert

technique: rené wetzold

conception: jutta ravenna 16 September  – 20 September 2020
Sound Performance 18 September, 6 – 8 pm
Galerie Errant Sound, Rungestr. 20, 10179 Berlin

With the process of hearing loss, the sounds of the outside world become quieter and quieter until they cease to exist, and inner sounds become much more present. From the ceiling of a room, several sounding bird’s nests hang down at head height, prepared with miniature loudspeakers, and reproduce the soundscapes of various soundscapes quasi filtered and as if from afar.
Each of the nests, which are nested to form sound loops in the sound installation, represents a specific location. One of the nests, filled with sounds and noises, makes the soundscape of the city of Cairo audible alongside Berlin: cars drive through the delicate branches of birds, human voices or scraps of music cross the finely woven nest. The proportions of size and volume are converted: from tweeters, the usually loud, everyday human activity, shrunken to a tiny size, only very softly penetrates the visitor’s ear. The small noises flow, jump, roll, pull, push and turn around the ear of the listener.


In a tragic performance for five players, the process of hearing loss is portrayed in sound artistic reflection on the sense of hearing itself. In the backyard of the gallery “Errant Sounds” on the banks of the Spree river, five holes are dug out to regulate the volume with the material earth.
Parallel to the process of deafness of the composer B. with the gradual loss of various hearing ranges within the frequency spectrum, the entire sound is completely damped by earth manually in seven volume levels in the performance.

Performers: Max Joy, Elai Messell, Roberta Busechian, Pia Ewert and Juliane Winkler