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On Softmountains

Apr 2021  

On Softmountains is a series of four participatory seminars on the subject of ‘play’, taking place over Zoom. The different seminar topics function as departure points for conversations: to collectively consider the roles of curiosity, explore notions and potentials of boredom amidst constant catered experiences and consider improvisation as a counteract to an overdetermined productivist culture. 

Participants are welcomed to share experiences, questions and thoughts drawing from their own (artistic) practice and/or interests. 

On Softmountains will take place (digitally) at Errant Sound between 19 and 22 April, and is organised as part of a research project by Julia Cremers, Lena Kocutar and Daniel Viladrich Herrmannsdoerfer.

You are welcome to join us for (one of) the conversations. 

19 April 19:00 – 20:30 Practicing Boredom

What potential can boredom have in our contemporary culture? How can boredom co-exist with an experience-economy of curated events? This meeting will reflect on what potentialities lie within and after boredom.

20 April 18:30 – 20:00 Embodied Thinking 

While our digital devices can be considered to be extensions of the human body, they often limit spontaneous interactions and certain forms of improvised self expression. The embodied doodles of DAY Collective (Dorota Radzimirska & Yulia Ratman) utilize the body as an extension of a paper, during speechless performances that take place online. In this meeting, DAY Collective and other participants are welcomed to share their experiences and thoughts on embodied logic and decision making and reflect on wordless play. 

21 April 19:00 – 20:30 Abstract Playgrounds

From gamifying corporate activities to the design of social media platforms as addictive slot machines; these kinds of game design are becoming an integrated part of contemporary realities. At the same time, the abstract situations of computer- and board games can invite people into experimental and creative modes of thinking and exploration. This meeting will consider what happens when play becomes reality, while simultaneously exploring the creative possibilities of abstractions.

22 April 18:30 – 20:00 Improvisation and Imaginative Listening

This meeting will focus on a dialogue between sound and the imagination. How can playing with sonified objects open up new ways of relating to space and interaction with others? What role can playfulness have in the recording, performing and listening process? Participants are encouraged to share their own questions regarding sound, sonification and play. 

Interested in participating? Send an email to contact[at] with the topic ‘Seminar On Softmountains’.