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Ready Making #3 – Sonic Affordances

May 2021  

READY MAKINGon the object-based know-how and auditory knowledge in sound performances

May 23. 2021 at Errant Sound & May 24. 2021 at Flutgraben 18:30 – 21:30

Link to Streaming (please refresh the link during the event, there will be pauses between the performances

The event format READY MAKING, curated by Janine Eisenächer and Steffi Weismann, is dedicated to the presentation and exploration of sonic actions on and with objects and materials. Selected performances and installations are assembled under a different thematic focus in each edition and discursively accompanied by lectures, artist talks and the dialogue-based video interviews “Mind the Sound”. After initially focusing on the objects themselves as co-performers and things with their own agency (#1) and subsequently on the materiality of sound spaces and spatial listening (#2), episode #3 discusses the aspect of affordance, the “offering character” of an object. Is it possible to speak of acoustic affordances? How do artists deal with it? How relevant is the playful handling of things and their misappropriation?

Programme on Sunday, May 23rd 2021 (Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin)

18:30 Christian Kesten: »Ding ding« (2021) at Errant Sound (Basement, Erdgeschoss)
19:15 Valerian Maly & Klara Schilliger: »Distance for two Courtyards separated by a Firewall« (2021) public space
20:00 Gisela Hochuli: »Ohne Titel I« (2017/2021) Aufgang 5/5th floor
20:45 Discussion / artist talk moderated by Janine Eisenächer

funded by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin (INM) and swiss arts council Pro Helvetia, supported by Errant Sound e.V.

Valerian Maly und Klara Schilliger: Nairsünalv (InstallAction, 2011)
Valerian Maly und Klara Schilliger: Nairsünalv (InstallAction, 2011)

Programme on Monday, May 24rd 2021 (Flutgraben, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin)

18:30 Gwendoline Robin: »Sous les lunes de Jupiter« (2018/21)
19:15 Fernanda Farah: »Knucklebones« (2001/2021)
19:45 Holger Schulze: »What Do Sounds Need, What Do We Grant Them – Or Not? A Few Considerations On The Affordances Of The Sonic.« Lecture (2021)

curators: Janine Eisenächer, Steffi Weismann; assistance and documentation: Julia Cremers, Melody Boulaert


Gwendoline Robin: Sous les lunes de Jupiter, Photo: Gaëlle Bourges

The title READY MAKING sets the art-historical concept of the ‘ready-made’ in motion and in sound-spatial performance. Musicians and performers enter into a tactile communication process with the objects and their acoustic properties and put them into relation with the actual space. The connection between “sound-practical action” (Elena Ungeheuer) and listening opens up a sensual-aesthetic and ecological-political space of perception and action. Based on this, with READY MAKING we would like to highlight and question the genre of sound performance as a model of listening co-existence for human-thing and human-space relations. The things are thereby actors and carriers of knowledge and cultural memory at the same time.

Fernanda Farah: Knucklebones, Foto: Lenise Pinheiro