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Acousmatic Appearances

Jul 2021  

26th July, 2021 from 7 pm

In the frame of The Listening Biennial, Errant Sound presents an evening with two lectures extending the series of Acousmatic Lectures by the artist Mario Asef. The singer and ethnomusicologist Deniza Popova (Berlin) and the philosopher Mladen Dolar (Ljubljana) will explore the medium of acousmatics in two lecture performances, placing two Eastern European perspectives on acousmatics in dialogue with each other.

Asef’s Acousmatic Lectures are a series of discursive acoustic experiences that use the Pythagorean acousmatic model as a starting point to create a new kind of interaction between voice and space. The Acousmatic Lectures expand the listening experience and unfold the voice as a sensorily affective, inherently musical entity in space, as a presence that awakens in us a deep sense of belonging.


Acousmatic Lectures

Deniza Popova (Berlin)
“Acousmatic Listening Strategies of Village Traditions” (in German)

Popova’s Acousmatic Lecture deals with the Bulgarian village of Dobralak, which in many ways is like other villages. The villagers are considered to be tradition bearers. Following the Pythagorean tradition of acousmatics, the whole village can be thought of as an active inner circle, audible from the outside but not observable. Their voices bear witness to the past and they contain multiple cultural-technical transformations and historical layers in their sound web. They correlate with the distances within the soundscapes and with the strength and permeability of the layer of separation known as the curtain. In its manifold manifestations, the acousmatic curtain is interpreted as an epistemological situation and described and questioned with sound examples from village life.

Break: 15 min

Mladen Dolar (Ljubljana)
“What, If Anything, Is a Virus?” (in English)

What a virus and acousmatics have in common is, first, the questioning the nature of presence, and, second, the convoluted relations between body and spirit. A virus, viewed as an entity, it is not something, it has no consistence of its own, and it is not alive, since it needs other forms life for its mechanical reproduction and ruinous spread, like a “negative surplus” of life, or its refuse. There has always been the more or less tacit fear that the material would contaminate the higher spiritual realms, so that materiality was seen as “viral” and the spirit as a kind of rampart to restrain and contain this contamination. But with Hegel, this image is reversed so that one can conceive spiritual advancement as coterminous with the spread of a contagious disease. This poses the larger question of the “power of ideas”, or the capacity of ideas to become material forces, indeed to go “viral.” What is this strange entity at the intersection of body and spirit, infinitely small and all-powerful that we call a virus? Can one beat a virus with a virus?

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