Sound Block @ FFF-Klima-Streik-Demo 24.9.21

Sep 2021  

Sound Block @ FFF-Klima-Streik-Demo 24.9.21

We invite you to join our Sound Block @ FFF-Klima-Streik-Demo, where we want to create a special sonic experience trough a collaborative action. Together we’ll play sounds that are related to climate change – sounds that make this important issue heard.

Please bring a MP3-Player / Smartphone that is connected to a battery powered speaker / bluetooth box.

We will prepare a soundtrack, which you will be able to download here by Wednesday, 22.9.21, noon  – please visit again to download the file beforehand, as the mobile internet will not be great with so many people.

24.9.21 – 12:00, Bundestag – there will be more info on the exact meeting point.

More details here soon.

Felix Blume – Oil pump squeaking (https://freesound.org/people/felix.blume/sounds/203990/)