21 Jun , 2021  

Image: Annette Krebs photographed by Udo Siegfriedt READY MAKING #4 Microphoning/ MicroscopingExhibition, Concert/Performance and Discourse 2. – 11.7.2021Errant Sound and Hošek Contemporary with works by Ryoko ...


{kA}: Oblivious to Gravity (Keine Ahnung von Schwerkraft)

8 Jun , 2021  

{kA}: Oblivious to Gravity (Keine Ahnung von Schwerkraft) Building-Sound Compositions in (half-)public spaces Exhibition about a series of works on the artistic exploration of building-sound (2010-2019) by Gerriet K. ...


Ready Making #3 – Sonic Affordances

8 May , 2021  

READY MAKING – on the object-based know-how and auditory knowledge in sound performances May 23. 2021 at Errant Sound & May 24. 2021 at Flutgraben 18:30 – 21:30 Link to Streaming (please refresh the link ...


On Softmountains

15 Apr , 2021  

On Softmountains is a series of four participatory seminars on the subject of ‘play’, taking place over Zoom. The different seminar topics function as departure points for conversations: to collectively consider the ...


A particularly sunny patch on the floor

8 Feb , 2021  

How strong must an impulse be in order to cause movement? How much effort do you need to stand still? Did that sunny patch on the floor just move? If an exhibition is set up, but there is no one there to see it, can it ...


Berlin School of Sound / Errant Sound Radio #4

2 Feb , 2021  

Journal BrasilisRadio Show produced by Laura Mello and Vanessa De MichelisTue  02.02.21  20:00 (Berlin) 16:00 (Brasília)for Berlin School of Sound / Errant Sound Radiolive stream on fr-bbor ...

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Errant Shutdown Sound Night #5

26 Jan , 2021  

Errant Sound goes stream!ES presents live streaming performances between sound artists from Errant Sound and Errant Sound + external artists. The program involves live streaming performances, performative lectures and ...