An evening of listening, dreaming, voicing

Apr 2022  

with Aine E. Nakamura, Annette le Fort and Brandon LaBelle

Saturday, April 30, 2022 / 19:30

Errant Sound
Rungestrasse 2010179 Berlin

From a tissue of voice and word to a dance of memory and inner melody, dreaming is posed as an-other body, within and without, shaped by all that touches and impinges, and that is situated always below the line of what we know and speak.

Aine E. Nakamura, my skin listens to voiceI will present an art of voice and body, which will fluidly move between stories. Language(s) does not seem to fulfill our need to communicate, imagine, embrace, or being embraced, because it all started from spirit and the unspeakable communal. Nevertheless, I will borrow words. Melodies will come to me too, through which I will tell, so that stories will not be lost. I trust my body that it listens and waits, for my voice to be one with it and for ‘song’ to guide my body. I wish to seek, through my inner, what needs to be communicated or what desperately or quietly needs to live in bodies. Inner is my focus as it does not seem to escape from the past or the present, for our care in the future, and for dreams seeded to be carried forward. At least, this is my wish.

My voice is of and with my body. I pursue sensibility and spirituality as my aesthetics through a focus on the nuanced possibilities of my voice. This is my way of showing resilience against violence.

Singer, composer, and performer Aine E. Nakamura creates transborder art through voice and body. She resides in Berlin, Germany as an awardee of the Fulbright fellowship. She will present her performance project Circle hasu We plant seeds in the spring of mountains at Stückemarkt at Berliner Festspiele’s 2022 Theatertreffen, and her new site-specific work Under an Unnamed Flower at the 50th International Theatre Festival at the Venice Biennale. She has presented her work at Gallatin Galleries NY (2021), A Concert of Electronic Music in honor of Mario Davidovsky (2019), Dias de Música Electroacústica (2019), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (2018), October New Music Festival in Finland performed with Mikro Ensemblen (2018), and Abrons Arts Center with ICE (2019). Her other appearances include The Two directed by Dmitry Krymov (New York Theater Workshop 2019).
www.evaaine.com @ainenaka

Annette le Fort, j’aime ma caméra parce que j’aime vivreClosing my eyes, breathing in, breathing out, humming. The camera is an extension of my body, moved by my heartbeat, looking through my closed eyes.Video, 2006. (trembling, Part 1)
Annette le Fort is a poetic researcher in the field of language, with a focus on the act of writing, script as a trace of memory, voice and synaesthesia. She explores this mainly through video works, sound projects, photographs and different forms of performative diaries. She is the editor of the series »Parole«, which deals with the materiality of language (Salon Verlag Cologne). Her diary projects are published as an art book series by Revolver Publishing Berlin, including »Sevilla Diary« (2015), »Mothers Diaries« (2016), »Memory Maps« (2019). Her sound projects include »Phonetic Skin. A Library of Voices« (2017) and »Synästhetische Bilder« (2020) with Eilith le Fort, published by Errant Bodies Press, Berlin. 
Brandon LaBelle, Dreamtime X – withoutAuthor, artist Brandon LaBelle will give a performative reading of his new book. Comprised of 100 short poetic entries, Dreamtime X is a personal meditation on the negative and the missing. Developed as a diary kept between March 2020 and March 2021, the author searches for forms of affiliation, friendship, solidarity under the conditions of lockdown, giving way to a destituent poetics, a voice that speaks by way of absence, aligning itself with emptiness, the unseen, creatures, vibration, and that finds possibility in the withdrawal of visibilization.The voice always already constituted by silence. 
Brandon LaBelle is an artist, writer and editor of Errant Bodies Press. His work focuses on questions of community, resulting in a range of collaborative, pedagogical and para-institutional initiatives, including: The Pirate Academy (2021-22), The Listening Biennial (2021-), Communities in Movement (2019-), The Living School (with South London Gallery, 2014-16), Oficina de Autonomia (2017), The Imaginary Republic (2014-19). His publications include: Acoustic Justice (2021), The Other Citizen (2020), Sonic Agency (2018), Lexicon of the Mouth (2014), Diary of an Imaginary Egyptian (2012), Acoustic Territories (2010, 2019), and Background Noise (2006, 2015).