iMstrument / Solo Kiss

May 2022  

Interactive presentation and solo with double bass by Tomaž Grom

25th of May 2022, 7pm – an evening of exchange with the network Zavod Sploh from Ljubljana (Slowenia)

Errant Sound, Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin, Entry: Donation based

iMstrument, concept by Tomaž Grom, interface design: Tilen Sepič, video recordings with musicians : Ana Čigon

The evening will start with Tomaž Grom performing his piece “Solo Kiss” for double bass, preparations, electronics, and video. Afterwards a participative presentation of iMstrument will be presented.

iMstrument is a collection of sound and video recordings of musicians who are developing their own individual musical language and an audiovisual experimental instrument. Selecting the source, turning on and off, defining volume and randomness are parameters that allow the user to play music. An ever-unrepeatable composition is constantly formed in front of eyes and ears.

iMstrument is a continuously evolving creation, combining original and live music. It is taking place at the intersection of technologically processed contemporary sonority and the elementarity of clean sounds in connection with digitized recording. It is a meeting place of the absent technologically reproduced performers and the immediate presence of the user.

The Errant Sound group is happy to start with this evening an exchange with Tomaž Grom and Špela Trošt, artists from Ljubljana, who are part of the vibrant network Zavod Sploh, an associaton devoted to the production of music and performing arts as well as to education and publishing in the field.

Tomaž Grom, Foto by Špela Trošt