close| distant

21 May , 2023  

interactive sound installation by Heike Kaltenbrunner and Mathias Lenz 9. – 11. June 2023 close| distant’ explores the sound and noise possibilities of organ pipes fed with various amounts of wind. At the same ...


“Walking from Scores” WORKSHOP with Elena Biserna

2 May , 2023  

Saturday, 13th MAY – from 11:00 to 17:30WALKSHOP with Elena BisernaThe workshop is open to artists, musicians, performers, dancers, students and anyone wishing to explore the relationships between sound, listening ...

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Going Out. Walking, Listening, Soundmaking

2 May , 2023  

Thursday 11th MAY, 18:00 BOOK LAUNCH and Listening Session“Going Out. Walking, Listening, Soundmaking“With the editor, Elena Bisernain discussion with some of the contributors: Christina Kubisch, Brandon ...

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Wax & Wane

25 Apr , 2023  

27.4. 19h opening – Wax & Wane explores the sculptural and sonic link between local culture and urban nature by using custom-made records from regional ...


Remote listening protocol

11 Apr , 2023  

REMOTE listening protocol a project by Roberta Busechian (https://remotelistening.space) with the programming by Bruno Gola 15th April at 7pmLIVESTREAM performance online: https://remotelistening.space/ 6th May at 7pm ...



Sonic Art Bar #03

11 Apr , 2023  

Die dritte Ausgabe der „Sonic Art Bar“ findet am Mittwoch 12.4.23 von 18 bis 21 Uhr in unserer Galerie Errant Sound statt. Auch diesmal sind die Gespräche der Gäste im Vordergrund, sozusagen das „kollektive ...

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May I ask you?

21 Mar , 2023  

Sa, 25/03/23, 19:00 Uhr Kirstin Burckhardt and Lisa W Carlson are working with performance and ...

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20 Mar , 2023  

Performativity Radiophony Accessibility 5 European countries, 6 partners, 29 months to investigate the relationships between the performing arts, sonic agency and acoustic research, radiophony and disability Can ...

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6 Mar , 2023  

A sound installation exploring the audiovisual perceptual properties of sonic particles through light, sound, and movement. Glissons, grainlets, trainlets, pulsars and wavelets disturbe the time-space architectural ...


radiant flux

16 Feb , 2023  

The Sound Art-exhibition “radiant flux” presents three works by Janine Eisenächer, Verena Lercher and Gerriet K. Sharma that make tangible the material-sonic microstructures and transformations of different ...