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May I ask you?

Mar 2023  

Kirstin Burckhardt and Lisa W Carlson, image from the book “Brutal with Love” Photo: Birgit Kaulfuß

Sa, 25/03/2023, 19:00 Uhr
Klangkunst / Sound Art / Performance

How to be »brutal with love«? A performance on the intricacies of being together by Kirstin Burckhardt and Lisa W Carlson

Kirstin Burckhardt and Lisa W Carlson are artists and friends working with performance and voice. They have developed a way of encountering each other which they call “brutal with love” (also the title of their collaborative book project). The performance “May I ask you?” at Errant Sound is the first time they publicly share their practice of voicing, deep listening, opening up and thereby gently inviting to a space for radical and caring honesty.

Kirstin Burckhardt (b. in South Africa) is a visual artist and psychologist combining video and performance with sound and spoken word. Pointing to the importance of the body in human relationship her interdisciplinary work has addressed body ownership, empathy, and the radical act of opening up – from scientific autopsy to deep friendship.

Lisa W Carlson (* 1949, Sweden) is a visual artist. She works with printing techniques, voice, sound, performance, and photography to discover where memories manifest in layered materialities. Recurring themes in her works are vulnerability, intimacy, discomfort, strength, and fragility.

Lisa W Carlson and Kirstin Burckhardt, image from the book “Brutal with Love”, Photo: Birgit Kaulfuß

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