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Mar 2023  

A sound installation exploring the audiovisual perceptual properties of sonic particles through light, sound, and movement. Glissons, grainlets, trainlets, pulsars and wavelets disturbe the time-space architectural configurations generating a cybernetic sonic environment. By experiencing the different stages of sound as wave-particle entity through diffracting patters, ecological and phenomenological intra-actions emerge between material, bodies, space, and time.

10-19 March 2023

Vernissage: Friday March 10 at 18h

Opening days: Friday until Sunday. March 10 – 12 and 17 – 19  from 18h to 22h

Performance: Sunday March 19 at 20h

Nico Daleman (1989) is a Colombian-born sound artist and musicologist based in Berlin. His pieces explore sonic spatial perception, psychoacoustics, dynamic systems and stochastic processes in order to (re)create, re(interpret) and (re)(imagine) real and virtual spaces. Nico studied Audio Engineering, Musicology and Sound Studies & Sonic Arts in Bogotá, Boston and Berlin.