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Remote listening protocol

Apr 2023  

REMOTE listening protocol a project by Roberta Busechian (

with the programming by Bruno Gola

15th April at 7pm
LIVESTREAM performance online:

6th May at 7pm Performance at Errant Sound:
–doors open at 7pm

with the participation of 2 live performers/listeners: Elza Javakhishvili and Kdindie
remote audio livestream participants streaming audio through recording belts on an online plattform from locations worldwide (because of the content of the event formed through a protocol, the places are not specified yet). Some of the remote audio stream participants: Eric Wong, Bea Targosz, Laura Sobenes Sono, Fernando López, Cassidy Lermann, students of Department of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia-Greece

The project aims to connect audiences within a recording belt programmed to record environments and spaces, giving the possibility to mobility while recording.

The audience can take part of the project at any time(for any remote listening event in the future) sending an email to register at:
Why remote listening?
Listening collectivity could be the key to empower the human subconscious activity and build networks of non-verbal listening communication between people.

This project is asking about how we can approach our reality, and how many realities exist, or do not exist. The aim is to approach live stream of sound through a guided listening, listening to sound informations letting you not to visualize them but to have an aesthetic response, driven by emotional response evolved from an analytical process. This is a long therm project in which the audience is invited to partecipate also in the future steps/evolutions of the protocoll.

This protocoll has elements of meditation and of remote viewing process. If you are not confident with the therm of coordinate remote viewing I will briefly introduce it to you.CRV is a process by which a person is capable of perceiving information concerning a site remote from him in location and/or time given only the geographical coordinates of that location.
Remember: the main problem to remote view is the attempt from the viewer to visualize the site (stimolation of memory and immagination). The premature interpretation with images is called AOL (analytical overlay).We will focus on this through breaks and verbal expression during the performance.

*This project was developed with the financial support of Musikfonds NEUSTART KULTUR Stipendienprogramm 2022/23