close| distant

May 2023  

interactive sound installation

by Heike Kaltenbrunner and Mathias Lenz

9. – 11. June 2023

close| distant’ explores the sound and noise possibilities of organ pipes fed with various amounts of wind. At the same time the pipes are sound generators and sensors for proximity, similar to how the theremin works.

Friday 9. June 18:00 – 21:30

Saturday & Sunday 10./11. June: 16:00-20:00

This completely new form of organ provides the audience with an active sensory listening experience. Interaction is limited to 5 persons at a time. Therefore we kindly ask you to reserve your timeslot at https://kaltenbrunner.klingt.org/tickets or just come and listen.
Free entry. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Heike Kaltenbrunner | idea, concept, composition, PD

Mathias Lenz | engineering, sensors, wind control

Oliver Stotz | PD programming

Walther Vonbank | pipes

Errant Sound is pleased to present the premiere of this installation in Berlin! It is the result of a longterm artistic research and composition process by the austrian sound artist Heike Kaltenbrunner in collaboration with specialists of engeneering and programming.

More informations about the work: https://kaltenbrunner.klingt.org/close_distant