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Jul 2023  


Angélica Salvi
Ece Canlı
Marta Vuduvum

Exhibition & Performances 5. – 12. July 2023
Opening: Wed 5th July at 18:00
Exhibition: July 6th to 12th from 16:00 to 20:00
Live Performances: Wed 5th July at 19h30 | Sat 8th July at 19h30 (duration 40 minutes)
Finissage: Wed 12th July at 20:00

Panel @ Radialsystem: Fri July 7th 18:00 at Heroines of Sound Festival

Ece Canlı, Marta Vuduvum & Angélica Salvi performing at Errant Sound, Foto: Laura Mello

Insp           vacuum
Asp        frequencies
Exp         ethereal
Expel            waves
Ex spect  
Exspit   dis  torted realities
Spect   rrrum   vibrrrrrrrations
Spectator        encrypted
Skewer      unforeseen
Sp read     atomic   silence
Be                 particle

POISOGEM is a fictional zone that is contaminated by the extremes of hyperobjects, as “invisible” yet omnipotent forces that shape our physical, mental and psychosomatic conditions. It is a multi-sensorial transposition of our constantly tainted reality into an otherworldly sonic space, within its own logic and compositional dynamics. Through electromagnetism, unperceivable frequencies, manipulated human voices and instruments vis-à-vis subterranean, arboreal and aquatic field recordings, POISOGEM proposes a place for translation between the unknown and our material reality, amplified by sound, light and performance, as an experience of active listening of a dialogue between two worlds: that of the visible and its beyond.

Creation and performance: Angélica Salvi, Ece Canlı, Vuduvum Vadavã
Produced by: Errant Sound Gallery, Heroins of Sound Festival and Sonoscopia
Curated by: Sonoscopia (Porto)

Poisogem – installation at Errant Sound, short documentation

Fri July 7th – 18:00 @ Radialsystem (Holzmarkstr. 33)
Current Perspectives on Sound Art from Portugal and Brazil

With: Ece Canli, Stefanie Egedy, Patricia Caveiro, Angélica Salvi, Vuduvum Vadavã
Keynote and moderation: Laura Mello

The panel will provide the opportunity to talk with participating Portuguese artists about the exhibition, about the artist group Sonoscopia, and the situation of women in the Portuguese music scene. The panel will be completed by Stefanie Egedy from Brazil, whose sound installation »Bodies And Subwoofers (B.A.S.): Ext« can be experienced during the festival at Radialsystem.

Angélica Salvi is a spanish harpist and composer who has been based in Porto since 2011. She boasts an extensive artistic career during which she worked with composers like Takayuki Ray or Heiner Goebbels and also improvising musicians such as Butch Morris or Evan Parker. After graduating from Royal Conservatory of Madrid, Angélica continued her studies at the University of Arizona (United States) and the Conservatory of Music in The Hague (Netherlands), where she finished two master’s degrees specializing in improvisation, contemporary music and electroacoustics. As a professional harpist, she collaborated on countless occasions with various symphony orchestras and ensembles from all over the world. Over the course of the past 10 years, she has immersed herself in the world of live electronics and has also been part of multiple projects in the field of experimental music, visual arts, dance and theatre, organized by groups such as Sonoscopia, Balleteatro, Crónica Electrónica, Teatro do Ferro or Vertixe Sonora Ensemble. Founding member of FMFX (Female Effects Collective), Angélica has created multidisciplinary projects such as “Harpoemacto”, “Nooito”, “Transcendecia and Delirium” and “Invisible Landscapes”. She is currently the main harp teacher at the Conservatory of Music of Porto.


Ece Canlı is a musician, artist and researcher whose work sits at the intersection of body politics, extralinguistic expressions and extended vocal techniques as ways of exploring the limits and possibilities of the (sounding) body in order to re-articulate marginalised narratives. Her tools of investigation include voice&electronics, performance, text and artefacts. In addition to her solo work, she collaborates with artists, musicians and choreographers internationally as a composer and improvisor, and produces texts and sound for performances, exhibitions and videos. She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Porto and is currently a researcher at University of Minho (CECS). In November 2020, she released her solo debut album VOX FLORA, VOX FAUNA and continues to create for staged performances both in collaborations (e.g. COBRACORAL, NOOITO, Live Low) and as a soloist. 


Vuduvum Vadavã born in Porto and is Marta Ângela, half of Von Calhau! duo with João Artur. Her passion lies in the absurd, the wild and primitive state of language, from the pre-verbal to the palindrome and other elaborate word games. In the visual and non-visual arts, singing/voice, performance, circuit-bending or as a DJ, Vuduvum experiments with noise and silence in a drift driven by the unknown. In this investigation, she is focused on opposites which, when combined, can be either complementary or repellent. There are several collaborations such as with Diana Policarpo, Mattin, Kaffe Matthews, Angelica Salvi, Ece Canli, Nu No or Limpe Fuchs. She is currently living in Lisboa.

radio: https://soundcloud.com/ma-fama/leveza-calhau/s-aCIdksEeD7O
live: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/archive/2022/02/19/calhau/
linguistic dust essays: https://wrongwrong.net/artigo/po-linguistico-parte-o
bandcamps: https://kraak.bandcamp.com/album/-
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/martiriumvon/

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