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SOUND PERFORMANCE EVENT +++ Aural Bodies: “As Water Touches Ears” +++ Alessandra Eramo: “Nocturne Ritual” +++ Matto Zoppi: “Gewaltmonopol”

Jan 2024  

Sunday, 11th February 2024
from 19:00 to 22:00
Errant Sound, Rungestr. 20, 10179 Berlin
(Free entry, suggested donation)

Errant Sound is pleased to announce an exciting sound performance event featuring Italian artists and musicians: an opportunity for listening together, reflecting and exchanging around the themes of voice, the body and ritual. The event will be presented by voice artist Alessandra Eramo.


Sound Performance by Aural Bodies (Chiara Cecconello & Luca Gallio)

As water touches ears is a sound performance that interweaves the use of field recordings, acoustic instruments – such as the flute – and live-electronics to explore emerged and submerged sounds, attempting to extend the ear over the whole body and to search for the boundary between audible and inaudible. At the bottom of the lake in Val Tramontina (Italy) there are the villages Movada, Fleur and Redona, which were submerged in the 1950s. They periodically re-emerge from the lake: constellations of houses existing at the water’s edge, whose rooms compose a sonic ecosystem moving along a timer set only by the water’s flow. In spending time here, a silence embraces the ear. There is no car traffic around, the entire environment is permeated by the sounds of what is not there. The remains of villages are like containers of disappearing sounds.

Can you hear a sound disappearing?
We are listening from a hundred years away.
 Footsteps towards the houses are dull, the damp, spongy ground muffles the vibrations. Entering a room, the stone walls are covered with algae. Everything is dry and there is no air. The water touching the rock no longer appears static: their point of contact generates an infinity of micro-sounds that reach our ears.

Aural Bodies is an Italian artistic duo composed of Chiara Cecconello and Luca Gallio. Both with a background in musical studies ranging from classical to electroacoustic music, Cecconello and Gallio’s current collaborative research moves between music, theatre and visual arts. Since 2019, the Duo has been working on hybrid projects between sound and performance art, with the main interest in creating a sensory and immersive experience for the audience. Nurturing an interest in the exploration of sound, vocality and the ability to shape performance space with these elements, in Aural Bodies’ research, sound, body and space intertwine in the creative process, generating a multifaceted and fluid dialogue for actions that are contained in a suspended temporality.
Aural Bodies has performed at: Short Theatre Festival Rome – Spore Residenze di ricerca dislocate (2023), Ocean Space – Venice and her sense of water (2023), Base Milan – Museo Temporaneo delle Esperienze (2022), La Caienna – Miniciccioli (2021), Argo16 – Lacusma (2021) Conservatorio di Vicenza – Action Sounding (2019)

LINK: https://vimeo.com/user193712947

Photos by Aural Bodies, 2023


Sound Performance by Alessandra Eramo

“Nocturne Ritual” is Alessandra Eramo’s new performance that stages a song and dance based on memories of her dreams, sonic suggestions of nocturnal listening on the threshold between sleep and wakefulness, such as listening from a balcony or window, between inside and outside, an ecosystem of urban and nature sounds intertwined with melodies. Through the use of voice, text and field recordings, the performance presents shifting creatures of the night in a multifaceted chorus of emotions and relationships.

Alessandra Eramo (IT/DE) is a Berlin-based sound artist and vocalist who works with performance and installation, sound poetry, drawing and video, exploring latent acoustic territories of the human voice and noise as socio-political matter. Central to her practice is extending the voice in all its forms and implications in sonic and visual contexts, crossing boundaries of genres and traditions.
She has performed and exhibited widely in Europe, Latin America, USA, Canada and Turkey at festivals, radio, museums, galleries and institutions including the Lisboa Soa Festival (2023), Museo del Novecento e del Contemporaneo Pistoia (2023), Klub Katarakt Festival Kampnagel Hamburg (2023), KORA Contemporary Arts Center Castrignano De’ Greci (2022), Heroines of Sound Festival Berlin (2022), Centrale Fies Dro (2021), Italian Culture Institute Brussels/Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation (2021), Radio Papesse/Festival des Gestes de la Recherche Grenoble (2020), Deutschlandfunk Kultur Klangkunst (2020), SAVVY Contemporary Berlin (2019), 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (2017), Transmediale Berlin (2016), Tsonami Festival Arte Sonoro Chile (2016), Roulette New York (2012), Padiglione Italia nel Mondo/54th Venice Biennale (2011)

LINK: http://www.ezramo.com

Alessandra Eramo’s work is supported by the Berlin Senate through the Work Fellowship for New Music and Sound Art 2023 – Arbeitsstipendium für Ernste Musik und Klangkunst 2023, Berlin Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

Photo: “Nocturne Ritual” by Alessandra Eramo, 2024


Sound Performance by Matto Zoppi

Gewaltmonopol is an audacious and grotesque journey, redefining the intersection of sound, live electronic performance, and sound poetry, offering a unique and compelling exploration into the realms of artistic expression. Utilizing voice as a dynamic instrument and body as a gear for enchantment, Gewaltmonopol creates a sonic poem – immersing audiences in a blend of sounds, languages, and imagery with an open narrative that wants to reflect and provoke contemplation on the concept of violence and its societal implications.

BIOGRAPHY: Matto Zoppi is an Italian performer and sound artist. His artistic expression involves sound, words, and voice with a particular intention of evoking grotesque and liminal narrative actions. He worked in many contexts between theater, radio, performance art, digital media, and educational projects. His last solo sound work Dedalo was published in 2023 for Fango Radio Editions.

LINK: https://fangoradioeditions.bandcamp.com/album/fre014-matto-zoppi-dedalo

Photo by Tommaso Cappelletti

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