Alifiyah Imani – Weltoffenes Berlin

May 2024  

Alifiyah Imani_Vladimir Razhev

Alifiyah Imani ©Vladimir Razhev

During our spaceless time in 2024, Errant Sound has the pleasure to welcome Alifiyah Imani as a Weltoffenes Berlin Program fellow.

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, Alifiyah Imani is a sound artist and writer based in Berlin. In her practice, she interrelates sonic experiences through different media and forms, including sensory listening rituals, experimental installations, electroacoustic pieces, and radio collaborations. As a listener, she draws immense inspiration from the sonic phenomenon of drones and explores presence-training methods of embodiment and metaphysical traditions, with a special interest in the Rasa aesthetics of Bharatanatyam and the voice culture surrounding Dhrupad music.

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