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May 2024  

Errant Sound presents:

release concert + live performances

Winter on Deer Mountain is the new EP released by sound artist and Errant Sound member Andrei Cucu. For the occasion, he will play a live version of the EP and fellow Errant Sound members Alessandra Eramo and Roberta Busechian and guest Renato Grieco will also each contribute a live set for the release concert. Special thanks to West Germany for hosting the event.

On Winter on Deer Mountain:

For five months I had the opportunity to take care of my baby daughter full time. Every day, all through winter we went to Deer Mountain on endless walks where I played both protector and slave to her sleep cycles. I thank her for that. These three tracks are a souvenir of that time. My daughter came to me when I needed her most.

Winter on Deer Mountain will be released on 30.05.2024 on

Winter on Deer Mountain – Release Concert

Date: 30.05.2024

Doors. 20:30

Concert: 21:00

Location: West Germany, Skalitzer Str. 133, 10999 Berlin.

Artist Bios:

ANDREI CUCU is a multimedia/sound artist and sound designer from Berlin trying the boundaries between sound/image/text/space/nature. His work often approaches translations between these different languages, with a special focus on sound, trying the interstices, correlations, interactions. The narrative and poetic possibilities of manipulating these languages are explored and expanded in sound pieces, audiovisual performances and installations. He is an Errant Sound member since 2019 and part of the team at the Studio for Electroacoustic Music at Akademie der Künste Berlin since 2020.

RENATO GRIECO is a composer from Naples, south Italy. Since 2013 R. has been performing worldwide both as a solo artist (kNN) and in numerous collaborations as performer, interpreter and sound dramaturge. R. was co-curator of the festivals La Digestion (Naples) and Musica Sanae (Sokołowsko, Berlin, Naples). From 2022 R. is pursuing a Ph.D. in Artistic Research at Mozarteum, Salzburg.

ALESSANDRA ERAMO is a Berlin-based artist, vocalist and composer who works with sound performance and installation, sound poetry, video and drawing, exploring the latent acoustic territories of the human voice and noise as a socio-political matter.
She has performed and exhibited widely at festivals, radio, museums, galleries and art institutions in Europe, Turkey, Latin America, Canada and USA.

ROBERTA BUSECHIAN is an Italian sound artist, researcher and biosonologist based in Berlin. She is also a lecturer of sound art theory, practice and sonic activism in Berlin. Her main interests include the effects of listening in creating common aggregation points in the physical space, and especially the technological possibility of virtually connected urban spaces through live stream and time shift. She is member of Errant Sound.

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