Sound Culture Reading Group

How might understandings of sound and listening deepen approaches toward cultural aesthetics and activism? Are there conceptual frameworks to be shaped from sonic thought that may contribute to new formations of community and collectivity? What types of poetic and communicative possibilities emerge from auditory matters and constructs?

The Sound Culture reading group is an open forum for reading together and reflecting upon experimental forms of sonic expression and related discourses. This will lead into a range of topics, with an emphasis on emergent forms of sonic thought, including: listening and empathy, voice and identity, noise and auditory environments, queer sound and the politics of dissonance. While the group will develop critical reflections and dialogue through the reading of particular texts, artistic and documentary materials will be integrated to deepen and extend discussions.

The Reading Group is organized by Brandon LaBelle and Jeremy Woodruff and Errant Sound project space.

Language: English. Free. Reading sessions will take place once every month at Errant Sound, Kollwitzstrasse 97, 10435 Berlin.





Session4_After relational aestheticsGeorgina Born

Session4_GRID Manifesto Oct2016


Session5_Sakakeeny_Dinerral’s Funeral_Rollwithit