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Pirate/Public #2

Mar 2016  

positions in contemporary radio art / Positionen aktueller Radiokunst
Friday, April 1st, 19:00h
– On Air / Performance by Brandon LaBelle
– Melody minus one. A hunt. (WDR Studio Akustische Kunst, 2016) Radio composition based on dialect imitations 
  with Norwegian, Albanes, Lasca, Rheinländisch and others presented by Antje Vowinckel (short version with live performed intermediate texts in English) 
– Nachrichtentstellt. Eine plattenspielerische Lautdichtung aus Radionachrichten / Vinyl performance by Marc Matter
– Discussion with participants, moderation: Anna Bromley
Errant Bodies
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin
What’s the difference between a pirate and a privateer?  It’s not the act, it’s the authority. Only the privateer – who seems to be acting purely on his own initiative – has the papers authorizing him to do so. The histories of broadcasting and maritime law are closely intertwined, as we can tell from their similar forms of organization. Radio has its public and private branches, and its pirate ones too. But these clear distinctions are no longer valid in today’s radio landscape. Podcasts, web archives and the internet have caused shifts in content types, listening areas, audiences and jurisdictions. So is something being commandeered? If so, how? And most importantly, what?
Brandon LaBelle (USA) is an artist, writer and theorist working with questions of social life and cultural agency, using sound, performance, text and sited constructions. He develops and presents artistic projects and performances within a range of international contexts, often working in public. He is professor in new media at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design.  
Antje Vowinckel (DE) is an internationally awarded radio artist, sound artist and music performer. Her focus is on the musicality of the spoken word; e.g. in automatic speaking or dialect imitation and text-sound compositions. Various sound art and radio play productions for public radio (WDR-Studio Akustische Kunst, DRadio, BR, SWR, HR)  as well as solo performances for electric organ and amplified objects and video compositions.  
Marc Matter (CH/B/DE) is a sound artist, radio artist and a founding member of the artists group “Institut fuer Feinmotorik”. Since 1997 they published various recordings and a book and performed regularly. Since 2008 Marc Matter performs solo with recorded voice on turntables. In 2014 he collaborated with poet Dagmara Kraus on the text-sound composition “Entstehung dunkel”. He is interested in the polysemic potential in sounding language.
Anna Bromley (D)  is an artist, cultural researcher and writer based in Berlin. Her scenic miniatures connect methods of qualitative social research with partly fictionalized re-enactments. Since 2012, she conceives and produces the radio feature LAUTSTROM for reboot.fm  (until 2013 together with Jeremy Woodruff). 
Entrance: 5€/3€.  Bar with wine and beer. 
Pirate/Public is a project by Antje Vowinckel and Serge Baghdassarians from Errant Bodies Sound Art Space, generously supported by the Pankow Bezirksamt Berlin.
Errant Bodies Sound Art Space / focusing on experimental work and research on sound through exhibition, performance, fieldwork, and text. The project space is organized by a working group consisting of Berlin-based artists, academics, curators, and writers. For more information contact: eb@errantbodies.org and http://errantbodies.org/soundartspace/