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Pirate/Public #3

May 2016  


positions in contemporary radio art / Positionen aktueller Radiokunst

Thursday, May 5th, 19:00
Errant Bodies Sound Art Space
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin
A travers le savon – Extended translation with sound, image, gestures and smell – Performance by Ines Lechleitner
Ate feat. Ed D.: obey God – presented by Serge Baghdassarians and Boris Baltschun
Discussion with participants, moderation: Marcus Gammel
In her lecture performance ‘À travers le savon’ Ines Lechleitner explores the everyday object of Die Seife, the soap, 
through smell, texture, repetition and associations. The process of metamorphosis began through the reading of 
Francis Ponge’s book ‘Le Savon’ and his detailed descriptions and excessive treatment of the soap “…einem lächerlichen 
Gegenstand, der endlos schäumt.” In the slide show Zitronen-Wal-Seife the soap becomes a lemon which becomes 
a whale in order to turn into a soap and disappear.
Serge Baghdassarians and Boris Baltschun present their latest radio piece Ate feat. Ed D.: obey God. It will be the 
premiere of the reworked English language version. Furthermore their installation Memory Palace will be on display 
in the basement space. Ate feat. Ed D.: obey God is a radio play based on a single sentence and it’s evanescent 
character. This character with a 4-letter name is brought to life with the help of soundtracks of video tutorials, 
religious movies, talkshows, an interview and a singing text-to-speech system. Memory Palace is an installation 
conceived for a ‘movie theatre’ where the usual screen is replaced by a circle of modified guitar tuners with led 
displays. In reference to a common mnemonic of the standard guitar tuning these tuners simultaneously symbolize 
the circular structure of the sentence and the recurring (and potentially endless) need to tune. 
Entrance: 5€/3€
Pirate/Public is a project by Antje Vowinckel and Serge Baghdassarians from Errant Bodies Sound Art Space,
generously supported by the Pankow Bezirksamt Berlin.
Errant Bodies Sound Art Space / focusing on experimental work and research on sound through exhibition,
performance, fieldwork, and text. The project space is organized by a working group consisting of Berlin-based artists,
academics, curators, and writers. For more information contact: eb@errantbodies.org and