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May 2019  

Video art_audiovisual performances_sonifications a program curated by Roberta Busechian

18.05 / ////////////////////////////////////////////////
Doors 7:00 pm, sonification start 7:30
9:00 pm: live field recordings performance by Nicola Zolin
Daniele Costa, Simone Rossi, Nicola Zolin (live sonification)

„The weaning of goods; a mechanical affair“

A film that captures the mechanisms and timing regulating rhythms within port terminals. To find out and become aware of these places dedicated to the primordial transfer of good, and to reflect on the permeability of its ontological status, in relation to man,society and retail trade.

What does it mean to explore sound art as an audiovisual practice? Today there are too many facades of the audio-visual phenomenon, it’s aesthetic, theoretical and epistemological reception to speak about audiovisual works as relation between sound and image. That’s why the AUDIOVISUAL SCREENINGS SERIES at Errant Sounds wants to look at audiovisuality as a medium of sound art, seeking to work out the possibilieties of video screening as a sonic experience, focusing on how an audio-visual input could influence our reception of the content and how our habitual multi-sensory perception could be trained to focus on the acoustic facade of a (video) storytelling. To ground this research both on a theoretical and practical level, emphasizing it through works by international sound artists working in different ways within sound for video, there will be not a fixed
presenation format. The AUDIOVISUAL SCREENINGS PROGRAM will interact with screening possibilities in the space, developing different settings and listening modalities depending on the presenting artist and the
presented work distinguishing between i.e documentary work, video art or interactive installation. Being aware of the interdisciplinary field of sound and visual streaming, it will be necessary to ground the presentation methods on fields connotative for sound art as acoustics and sound studies, musicology, media studies, interactive media, sound design, geography, urban planning ad studies, anthropology. The screening will be installed and/or performed with different streaming technologies and technical equipment, putting the focus on the presentation and fruition during the single events by the invited public. For this reason the program includes talks by the presenting artists and Errant Sound artists, external contributors, as audience itself as active partecipant of every event of the program.

The program will be divided in five parts
Stream II: Performed AUDIOVISUAL
Stream III: Installed AUDIOVISUAL
Stream IV: Mediated AUDIOVISUAL
Stream V: Interactive AUDIOVISUAL
A program curated by Roberta Busechian aka (T)Raum