Composing Modes of Perceiving

Dec 2021  

Location: at Errant Sound or Zoom
Date & Time: 18 December 11:00 – 13:30
Participants: 4 – 8

Composing Modes of Perceiving 

Through the use of 14 experiential elements

By looking at fourteen modes of experience, of which ‘hearing’ is one, Victorine van Alphen will look into shaping different states of perception. By viewing each mode of experience as an instrument within a sensorial orchestra, Victorine explores how complex experiences can be composed and can significantly influence the overall experience of an exhibited art work. 

Three key elements of the experience of a work of art that are examined, are ‘entering’, ‘being with’ and ’exiting/emphasising’. From her own artistic practice with virtual reality, Victorine emphasises the  importance of the environment outside of the vr glasses with at least as much weight as what happens inside:

In an experience all senses are of importance, since you can never switch them off. If the work has a focus on audio, you also have your eyes, if the work is visual you also have your touch. Every experience is therefore ‘meta-sensorial’ or in other words, an emergent entirety of the different elements. The question now is how to become more aware of all these elements while still keeping a certain focus, choreographing the experiencer to travel through your work with all senses focussed/employed in a way that emphasises your artistic aims.”

In the context of her workshop at Errant Sound, she focusses on the state of embodiment of the listener/experiencer. Workshop participants are encouraged to think and experiment together, to investigate how their own artistic practice can be more directed as well as more inclusive of different experiences.

A note to the participants
You are welcome to introduce something you are currently working on: from vague ideas to advanced projects. Your project will be discussed and analyzed using the fourteen dimensions of experience, which will usually create a lot of inspiring ideas and new perspectives form yourselves and others on your work in progress. The question she will address in the workshop is how to become more aware of all the elements and still be focussed, composing or choreographing the experiencer to travel through your work with all senses focussed/employed in a way that emphasized your artistic aims.

About Victorine
Victorine van Alphen is an award winning audiovisual artist, innovative trans-disciplinary researcher and philosopher from Amsterdam who creates and collaborates on the verge of science, technology, art and philosophy. Collaboratively she creates layered audiovisual experiences and techno-social ‘realities’ that change our perspective on our daily reality. Victorine currently teaches Experiential Experimentation at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam and Expanded Realities at the VR academy in Amsterdam. 

Link to website victorinevanalphen.nl

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