Steffi Weismann: Downtime (Live-Stream)

Dec 2021  

Friday Jan. 7th 2022 > 7pm Berlin / 10am Los Angeles

solo performance for amplified objects, voices and a swinging loudspeaker (online version) in collaboration with sound artist Elif Gülin Soğuksu (Istanbul) and followed by a discussion/artist talk with Volker Straebel (Los Angeles). Produced by Villa Aurora/Thomas Mann House in the frame of 25 years Villa Aurora and the exhibition all the lonely people

Live stream from Errant Sound (Berlin) > here

The new solo by performance and sound artist Steffi Weismann deals with the reduction of physical movement through the pandemic. Downtime looks at everyday routines in confinement to private space and takes the energetic low point as an occasion to find ways to get out of it. Weismann uses minimal gestures and familiar objects to create her own sound world, which reveals a wide dynamic between closeness and distance.

The premiere of Downtime took place in October 2021 in front of a live audience in the dome hall of Silent Green in Berlin. The ongoing pandemic has prevented a live performance as part of the exhibition “all the lonely people” at LAXART Los Angeles. For this reason, Steffi Weismann is developing a new version that offers a translation of this very physical-spatial performance into digital space. The live stream will be broadcast from Errant Sound – Berlin project space for sound art – mixed with some prerecorded material and combined with new interaction possibilities. Sound designer Elif Gülin Soğuksu will participate from Istanbul and musicologist Volker Straebel will join from Los Angeles for a conversation with the artist following the performance.