Feb 2022  

A unique collection of 25 self-recorded 7″ vinyl records and their self-made photographic covers on silver gelatin paper to be seen and heard. Selection based on the cover, any of the records are free to be played.

Friday/Saturday 25th/26th of February 2022: 16 -22h , and Sunday 27th of February 14-20h

Over several months, Michael Vorfeld developed 25 very different short solo compositions, which he played and recorded. In most of these musical miniatures Vorfeld plays percussion and self-designed stringed instruments, but also his electro-acoustic set-up with light bulbs and electrical switching elements can be heard. Each of these 25 between two and four minutes long audio recordings was cut into vinyl on one side as a single 7“ dubplate (7-inch vinyl record with 45 rounds per minute).
In addition, every record received its own, individual cover in the form of a folded and glued photographic hand print on silver gelatine paper. Some of the photographic cover images show specific motifs, such as the used instruments, or graphic scores that relate to the respective piece of music. Other cover photos also show more abstract motifs with an exclusively associative reference to the music.

Michael Vorfeld, exhibition view from Errant Sound, fotos: Steffi Weismann