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Mar 2022  

READY MAKING #5 – Resonating bodies and media apparatuses
Exhibition, Concert/Performance and Discourse

25. 3. – 3. 4. 2022
Errant Sound and Flutgraben

with works by Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk, Cathy van Eck, Antje Vowinckel & Chris Heenan, Ioana Vreme Moser, Steffi Weismann, and a lecture by Golo Föllmer

Cathy van Eck: Breeze (photo credit: Julia Cremers)

The event and artistic research-series READY MAKING is dedicated to the presentation and exploration of sound-practical actions with things. Selected performances and installations are assembled under a different thematic focus in each edition and discursively accompanied by lectures, artist talks and the dialogue-based video interviews “Mind the Sound”. After initially focusing on the things themselves as co-performers with their own agency (#1) and subsequently dealing with the materiality of sound spaces and spatial practices and listening (#2), we explored the aspect of sonic affordances (#3) and various forms of microphoning and microscoping matter through sound (#4) in the past two editions. Now in its 4th year, READY MAKING #5 deals with the resonances and human-thing relationships that come into being through sonic actions with things as well as with the transformations of the resulting sound spaces. Here, the media apparatuses – as co-performers or as central (sound) objects of the work – play an important role. We explore loudspeakers, transducers and things in circuits – in interplay with the everyday life-materials of paper/cardboard, tin cans and sugar – as resonating bodies, as media and as actors. 

Part of this programme of the artistic research-series are the sound artists, musicians/ (composer-)performers Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk (DE), Cathy van Eck (NL/CH), Antje Vowinckel (DE) & Chris Heenan (US/DE), Ioana Vreme Moser (RO/DE), Steffi Weismann (CH/DE), and the musicologist and media theorist Golo Föllmer (Martin-Luther-University Halle/ DE).

The title READY MAKING sets the art-historical concept of the ‘ready-made’ in motion and in sonic-spatial performance. Musicians and performers enter into a tactile communication process with things and their acoustic properties and put them into relation with the actual space. The connection between “sound-practical action” (Elena Ungeheuer) and listening opens up a sensual-aesthetic and ecological-political space of perception and action. Based on this, with READY MAKING we would like to highlight and question the genre of sound performance as a model of hearing co-existence for human-thing and human-space relations. The things are thereby actors and carriers of knowledge and cultural memory at the same time.

Curated by Janine Eisenächer and Steffi Weismann
Technical assistance and documentation: Julia Cremers, Elif Gülin Soğuksu
Funded by the Initiative Neue Musik (INM) Berlin and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia


25th to 27th March (Fri-Sun), Errant Sound and Flutgraben (multi-purpose hall) 

Friday 25.3. exhibition opening
Errant Sound, 18:00 – 22:00
Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk: “Jenseits der Wand” (sound installation, 2021)          
Cathy van Eck: “Breeze” (interactive sound installation, 2015)
Ioana Vreme Moser: “Eat me, Ditch me.” (sound installation/ sound objects, 2022)

5th floor, 20:30
Antje Vowinckel & Chris Heenan: “Hubraum” (sound performance, 2020/22)

Saturday 26.3. exhibition
Errant Sound, 16:00 – 20:00

Sunday 27.3. exhibition, performances and discourse                                                                             
Errant Sound, 16:00 – 20:00
Flutgraben, 16:00 – 21:30                                                                                                               
16:00 Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk: “Ready for Cardboarding” (concert installation, 2022) 
16:40 Golo Föllmer: “Dimensionen akustischer Handlungsräume” (lecture, in German)              
17:30 Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk: “Ready for Cardboarding” (concert installation, 2022) 
18:15 Steffi Weismann: “Uncanny Motions” (sound performance, 2022)                                         
19:00 Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk: “Ready for Cardboarding” (concert installation, 2022) 
19:45 Artist Talk with all artists and theorists involved (in German and English), moderated by Janine Eisenächer

Entry fee 27.3.: Daily ticket 10-15 €, performance ticket 6-10 € (donation basis).
There are limited spaces for the inside experience of “Ready for Cardboarding”.                     

Please, reserve a ticket via email at info@readymaking.com.

READY MAKING #5 will be realised under 3G-rule. Additionally, wearing a FFP2-mask inside is compulsory.

Photo: Ioana Vreme Moser, “Eat me, Ditch me.”

Friday 1.4. exhibition
Errant Sound, 16:00 – 20:00

Saturday 2.4. exhibition
Errant Sound, 16:00 – 20:00

Sunday 3.4. exhibition and closing
Errant Sound, 16:00 – 20:00                                                                                                          

Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk: Jenseits der Wand (Photo Credit: Julia Cremers)
Steffi Weismann: Uncanny Motions, Photo Credit: Julia Cremers