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Dec 2022  

Image Credit: Monika Szalczyńska


Opening: Friday, 9.12., 5 pm – 8 pm
with sound performances by Jakub Kosecki and Monster Hurricane Wihajster (Monika and Hubert Wińczyk) at 7 pm
Exhibition: 10. – 11.12. and 16. – 18.12., 4 pm to 8 pm

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Curated and organised by Bartosz Nowak (Miejski Ośrodek Sztuki/ Terminal 08, Gorzów) and Janine Eisenächer (Errant Sound, Berlin).

We warmly welcome you to ANIMA MUNDI #2, the second edition of a new project Errant Sound has started this year! 

ANIMA MUNDI is a project that is based on cooperation and exchange of experiences in the fields of sound art and sonic performance art, addressing issues of ecology and sustainability. The specificity of sound-based art lies in its strong connection to the environment. As sound artists often perform recordings and field activities in nature, urban environments or in relationship to architecture, their practice is strongly relational. These themes are reflected by ANIMA MUNDI’s focus on the relationship between humans and their surroundings – both human interaction, the shaping of shared space and care for nature. Sound sensitivity becomes the starting point for a deeper understanding of our coexistence.

ANIMA MUNDI aims at establishing a network of sound artists/ artists working with the means of sound, that facilitates artistic exchange on the most existential questions of our time: How can we meet and understand the climate crisis? How to deal with the environmental transformations? How can artists, cultural spaces and a society in general practice and support sustainability? What can we learn from each other regarding possible solutions?

The exhibition and event series will accommodate sound performances, sound installations, experimental approaches to music and sonic experiences, workshops, lectures and audio releases. 

ANIMA MUNDI started as a collaboration between Enrrant Sound (Berlin), Miejski Ośrodek Sztuki (MOS Art) and Terminal 08 in Gorzów, Poland. The sound performance-event of the first edition took place at MOS Art on 29th October with works by the Berlin-based artists and Errant Sound-members Julia Cremers and Janine Eisenächer as well as by JD Zazie connected to Liebig 12. It was accompanied by Janine Eisenächer’s exhibition at Terminal 08 that ran until 2nd December. Now, the second edition takes place in Berlin and presents several works by the Poznań-based artists Monika Wińczyk, Hubert Wińczyk (also performing together as the duo Monster Hurricane Wihajster) and Jakub Kosecki as well as a work by Errant Sound-member Jeremy Woodruff. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you and to cheering with you on this exciting Sound Art-year at Errant Sound!

Image: Monika Wińczyk, “Covering”

Monika Wińczyk: “Covering” woven art, sound installation

A place to sit comfortably, listen and connect. 

Covering – a protective layer, cover. Material surface that absorbs smell, touch, intensity of usage, the real taste. My shell is shaped like a carpet. I made it myself, it is warm, pleasant and comfortable. This decorative element, complementing the floor of my interior, transforms the intimate sounds of mine and of another close enveloping person.

Image: Hubert Wińczyk, “My Mycorrhiza”

Hubert Wińczyk: “Tearthdrip” vertical sound installation (IV infusion, bass speaker, trampoline)

A subtle fall of a drop unleashes a deep wave. Tears have circa 1% of salt, the infusions have 0,9% of NaCl. We hydrate us with what we cry. Looking in the bin at the backyard of a hospital, you can feel a thrill of horror seeing how much plastic waste is thrown out after one day. Multiply it by all the hospitals in a town, by towns that have hospitals (think of towns without a hospital, of hospitals without equipment), and you can see tons of plastic that is crucial to save human lives but on a long distance leading to the extinction of life. There is no solution of this paradox. The real ecological art is no art at all. This new work is a continuation of themes earlier appearing in the artistic output of Hubert Wińczyk – the fall, vertical symbolism, reflection on wholenesw.

“My Mycorrhiza” (mushroom-shaped speakers, box, kefir grains, cow milk, spoken poem)

The roots of my thoughts connect to the hyphae. The kefir fungi penetrates my body and gives it immunity and other new powers. Mushrooms want my matter, maybe my thoughts, too. I want them. It’s a mutual attraction. So, after death, I would prefer to be consumed by the mycelium so that thought-matter would circulate in a large, chaotic plantation.

Image: Monster Hurricane Wihajster, “otorotomotor”

Monster Hurricane Wihajster: “Eartheaters”

vocal & body performance

Two persons: their voices & some matter

Is heavier the tone of a rock on the mountain, or the tone of a grain of salt deep in the ground? Our voices bubbling out from our mouths build a bridge to communicate between ourselves and the nature. The murmurs of pleasure, cheers of delight, bring us closer to the Oneness, beyond the heaviness and lightness. The sounds come from the throats through the lips,, but the whole body speaks and transmits the visions received from earth. This is a sound poetry performance inspired by the book “Eartheater” by Dolores Reyes.

Image: Jakub Kosecki, Anti-sun

Jakub Kosecki: “Patron Saint of the Cause Holding the Regalia of Effect” (2022) scenographic installation (square timber, fencing mask, ghillie suit, ceiling coffer, bookbinding glue, metal wire, ‘80s military enema stand, polycaprolactone, acrylic paint, paper, 4 Monacor SMB-130 speakers, sounds of fire of various origin)

The installation depicts a figure cloaked in a flame-imitating suit as it presents two attributes – the sword of discourse and a call to an auto-da-fé. Sounds of a fire can be heard emanating from within the figure. The depicted Patron is a tragic figure, manifesting contradiction and inconsistency.

“Anti-sun” (2021) sculpture-object/ instrument (scrapped satellite tv antenna, scraps of steel sheet metal, acrylic paint, transducer, a fragment of Dark Souls character dialogue)The “Anti-sun” plays a fragment of Dark Souls character dialogue: “I will stay behind, to gaze at the sun. The sun is a wondrous body. Like a magnificent father! If only I could be so grossly incandescent!

Jeremy Woodruff: “Klangkompost”

A small group of cellphones in a ring play sounds from a garden and sounds donated by members of those gardens whose lands have disappeared from the Berlin landscape. “Peace of Land”, “Himmelbeet” and “Sonnenbeet” are all gardens, where Woodruff made field recordings, who subsequently lost the land they were planted on. What forms of social permaculture can sustain a garden? What sort of sounds could help raise awareness in civic planning to help preserve urban gardens?

Artist info

Monika Wińczyk is a performance artist from Poznań, acting solo and in duets: Monster Hurricane Wihajster (co-created with her husband – Hubert Wińczyk), and Mellin & Wińczyk, where she works with Magdalena Mellin – an artist from the Tri-City. The area of her activities is empathy towards all beings and their emancipation, broadly understood feminine nature, accompanied by pain, lack of self-acceptance, generational conflict, instability, longing for adoration. In her creative work, he combines, a fascination with the body and movement, with musical education and social sensitivity.

Monika is the Co-curator of the Festival of Performance and Sound Experiment “Dragon odBity – 8 bit” (2011) and the “die Fenster – art movements: performance, sound, movement festival” (2014), a also meetings with handicraft “Wytwórnia”. Initiator of seven editions of the “Performance art jam session”, meetings “MHW recommends” and the series “Monoformance” a series of meetings with performance in the Andalusian Dog club and “Farbowanie” in Farby club.

Hubert Wińczyk is a sound artist, performer, improviser, poet, chaotic minimalist, educator, husband and dad, pagan. He was born in 1985 in Toruń and is based in Poznań, Poland. Wińczyk graduated from the University of the Arts in Poznań and also studied philosophy and cultural studies. In his work, he explores the phenomenon of schizophonia (separation of sound from its source), the alchemic symbolism of transformation and catastrophic themes that often function on the above below axes and the macrocosm within the microcosm. When working with sound, he uses voice, toys, alternative sound sources, trash, field recordings, electronics, resonance phenomena, extremely low and extremely high frequencies and association manipulation. Breath, movement, impermanence and changeability of being play an important role for him. He runs the Urinatorium project focused on found sounds and acoustic waste of human activity. He appears with Monika Wińczyk in the performance group Monster Hurricane Wihajster, and he builds sound installations based upon field recordings or high & low frequencies. Wińczyk composes music and sound for theatre, animated films and radio-plays. In addition to that, he is a member of kakofoNIKT audio-visual group, plays/ed in the bands Nova Reperta, Das Zastawa Trio, Revue svazu českých architektů, Mönada, WW Duo, and he is involved in free improvised music in various collaborations. Cooperating with many cultural institutions, since 2009 he has been conducting workshops for children and adults young people and adults open to exploration, about active listening to the sounds of the environment, field recordings and ecology.

Monster Hurricane Wihajster is a life and art couple. Their bond formed eons ago, but only in 2011 they revealed as a performance art duo. They practice ephemeral art : performance, sound experiment, body art, self-portrait, actions in public space and social, feminist and ecological activism. They presented their work in various spaces: festivals, galleries, theater, pubs, climate camp, street demonstrations, experimental music scene and opera. Area of their activities include: personal emotions, deconstruction of the idea of family, anxiety, spirituality, the dynamics in the axis strangeness/closeness and [anti]social themes. Monster Hurricane Wihajster has many faces: body-art, rap, noise, sound poetry, theater, visual art. The are organizers and coordinators of the performance and sound experiment festival “Dragon Odbity” and the “Performance-art Jam session” and “Polka w budowie” exhibition.


Jakub Kosecki is a visual artist, musician and curator, born in Szczecin in 1996, living and working in Poznań since 2016. In 2019, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Intermedia, and in 2022, he earned his master’s degree in Curating and Theories of Art, both at the University of the Arts in Poznań. As a visual artist he creates installations and objects, using found objects, assemblage, sculptural techniques and drawing. As part of his musical activities, he creates electronic compositions and experimental site-specific music installations. From 2017 to 2021, he co-managed the Luka Gallery. In 2020, together with the curator Julianna Kulczynska and the Luka collective, he founded Luka 5G, a virtual space for art. As part of his artistic activities since 2017, he has curated and co-curated art exhibitions and events including: at Luka Gallery – They’ll Gonna Kill Us Anyway (2017), Luka in the Heart (2019), Object Music III (2019), All the best cowboys have daddy issues (2020); under the Luka Association and in collaboration with Bomba Publishing – There Will Be Nothing (2021); as part of Luka 5G activities – Interface-Mantra (2020), Lemish live @Lemiszogród Opera (2020), LUKA 5G TASTE TEST (2020), Green light (2020), Happy end, artistic gymnastics exercises – Ś.O.S.I.R (2020); at Domie – a performance at the exhibition The coming of pain when it knocks on my bone like a door (2021), curation and participation of Object Music VI (2021). In 2022, he curated and participated in the exhibition HOME – SICK DEMON at the Pani Domu Gallery. In 2021, together with Miłosz Cirocki and Mikołaj Tkacz, he start the band PLEASE DON’T HURT ME.

Jeremy Woodruff is a composer, curator and also currently adjunct Professor at Bard College Berlin, and Lecturer and Artistic Director at Berlin School of Sound. He was Professor of Composition, Music Theory and Sound Studies at the Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) and at KM Music Conservatory in Chennai, India. He is a versatile musician with multiple wind instruments and electronics. His radio show “Berlin School of Sound” can be heard every month on Colaboradio, FRBB 88,4 FM in Berlin and 90,7 FM in Potsdam. His sound art has been presented by Radio Berlin Brandenberg (RBB) Kunst im Bau, in various galleries including KW Berlin, AD Gallery Bremen, Kasa Gallery Istanbul and Art Bangaluru in Bangalore, India. His concert works have been commissioned by Ensemble Decibel (London), Hezarfen Ensemble (Istanbul), Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Deutschen Kammerorchester Berlin and others. His writings have been published by Interference: A Journal of Audio Culture, Journal of Sonic Studies, KunstMusik, Sruti Magazine, Verlag für Moderne Kunst (Nürnberg), Bloomsbury Press, Les Presses du Réel and by Errant Bodies Press. He is a founding member of the Errant Sound project room in Berlin, where he was a co-founder of the Dystopie Sound Art Festival and co-curator of the festival in Berlin 2018, Istanbul 2019, and Istanbul 2021.

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