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Going Out. Walking, Listening, Soundmaking

May 2023  

Thursday 11th MAY, 18:00

BOOK LAUNCH and Listening Session
Going Out. Walking, Listening, Soundmaking
With the editor, Elena Biserna
in discussion with some of the contributors: Christina Kubisch, Brandon LaBelle, katrinem

About the book:
Since the 1960s, the act of walking has provided a way for artists and musicians to escape the formality of the concert hall or institutional venues, engaging with shifting public spaces, natural environments, the social and political sphere. Walking redefines notions of composer, performer, public and music itself, while opening new modes of perception and action. Going Out addresses these developments by exploring the relationship between walking, listening, and soundmaking in the arts – from the first soundwalks and itinerant performances in the 1960s to today’s manifold ambulatory projects. The book consists of an extensive essay by Elena Biserna followed by an anthology of historical and contemporary contributions in the form of documentation, essays, interviews, manifestos, scores, narratives and reflections. Through the variety of these contributions, the book makes an argument that at the intersection of walking, listening and soundmaking there is both a long legacy of interdisciplinary experimentations and a broad field that resounds with urgent issues in critical spatial thinking and practice.
With contributions from: Justin Bennett, BNA/BBOT, Vivian Caccuri, Janet Cardiff, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Carolyn Chen, Catherine Clover, Collective Actions Group, Viv Corringham, Christoph Cox & Christina Kubisch, Willem de Ridder, Stéphane Degoutin & Gwenola Wagon, Charles Eppley, Beatrice Ferrara & Leandro Pisano, Amanda Gutiérrez, Libby Harward, David Helbich, Brian Hioe, Eleni Ikoniadou, Tim Ingold, Edyta Jarząb, AM Kanngieser, katrinem, Christine Sun Kim, Brandon LaBelle, Sarah Lappin & Gascia Ouzounian, William Levy, LIGNA, Albert Mayr, Andra McCartney & Sandra Gabriele, Max Neuhaus, Mendi + Keith Obadike, Alisa Oleva, Carmen Papalia, Ella Parry-Davies, Adrian Piper, Anna Raimondo, RYBN, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Oupa Sibeko, Jacek Smolicki, Stephanie Springgay, Jennifer Lynn Stoever, Akio Suzuki, Stefan Szczelkun, Ultra-red, Naomi Waltham-Smith, Hildegard Westerkamp.

Edited by Elena Biserna.
Co-edited by Julia Eckhardt, Henry Andersen, and Caroline Profanter.
Published by umland, Brussels 2022

More info: https://www.lespressesdureel.com/EN/ouvrage.php?id=10227

Elena Biserna is an independent researcher and occasional curator based in Marseille, France. She writes, talks, facilitates workshops or collective projects, curates and sometimes performs. Her interests are focused on listening and on contextual, time-based art practices in relationship with urban dynamics, socio-cultural processes, the public and political sphere. Her articles and interviews have appeared in several international publications (Les Presses du Réel, Mimesis, Le Mot et le Reste, Errant Bodies, Amsterdam University Press, Cambridge Scholar, Castelvecchi, Bloomsbury, etc.) and journals. She has recently edited two books: Walking from Scores (Dijon: Les Presses du réel, 2022) and Going Out. Walking, Listening, Soundmaking (Brussels: umland, 2022). She co-edits the podcast wi watt’heure of Revue & Corrigée with Carole Rieussec. She has collaborated as a curator or presented her projects in different venues/organisations such as LUFF (Lausanne), Onassis Fondation (Athens), Sonic Protest (Paris), Festival Plataforma (Santiago de Compostela), Oscillation festival, CIVA and Q-O2 (Brussels); Manifesta 13, Unité d’Habitation Le Corbusier, La Friche la Belle de Mai and La Membrane (Marseille); 3bisF-centre d’art contemporains, Locus Sonus, Fondation Vasarely (Aix-en-Provence); soundpocket (Hong Kong); Standards (Milan); NUB (Pistoia); Radio India (Rome); Sant’Andrea degli Amplificatori, Xing, Radio Città Fujiko (Bologna); Cona (Ljubljana); Saout Radio; p-node.

Photos © Camille Poitevin, Elena Biserna


katrinem’s exploration of sound and space has been an integral part of her artistic work for many years. She deals with the pedestrian walkability of cities and the associated perception of space in her artistic research and in her series of works go your gait! Two perspectives of her approach stand out: the observation of the place and the self-experience in space while walking. https://www.katrinem.de/

Christina Kubisch’s practice ranges from performances and concerts to video works, but she is best known for her sound installations and electro-acoustic compositions. Belonging to the first generation of sound artists, she has continued to experiment with new mediums such as ultraviolet light and electromagnetic waves. In her work she merges audio and visual arts to create multi-sensory experiences. https://christinakubisch.de/

Brandon LaBelle is an artist, writer, and theorist working with sound culture, voice, and questions of agency. Guided by situated and collaborative methodologies, he develops and presents artistic projects and performances, mostly working in public and with others. From gestures of intimacy and listening to critical festivity and open movement work, his practice aligns itself with a politics and poetics of radical civility. https://brandonlabelle.net/

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