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Jun 2023  


Do. 29.06.23 – 19:00
An evening with Yutindudi (Oaxaca, MX)

Yutindudi members Stéphanie Janaina, Rolando Hernández and Héctor Ramírez will present the documentary A SQUARE OF RED EARTH MOVING.

In the second part of the evening, Rolando Hernández will talk about and present his piece TOPIALIZ, a composition by oral/mnemonic instructions based on Toltecayotl (Toltec Philosophy).



Yutindudi is an artistic organization that views curatorship and research as integral to artistic practice. They drive experimentation in arts, music, dance, culture, and critical thinking in the present moment. Their project is rooted in a family house and studio located in the heart of the Mixtec Mountains in Oaxaca, where they engage in a harmonious relationship with their surroundings, embracing a slower pace of existence.

During the initial stage of the project, Yutindudi created the Yazichuza Encounters (2021-2022). These events aimed to shape their project and establish connections with other fields such as agriculture, permaculture, poetry, radio, gastronomy, and more. Destruction serves as a transformative force and forms a consistent curatorial theme within their project.

Throughout the Yazichuza Encounters, Yutindudi proposed a sonic and visual experiment in their Oaxaca studio. They invited several individuals to partake in one-week residencies, with each person tasked with creating a chapter for the experiment. The participants were encouraged to freely express themselves and share anything they desired. Notable individuals who took part in the residency included Manfred Werder, Ernestina Cruz Pérez, Vania Fortuna, Carlos Baz, La Hervidera (Aisel Wicab+Ana G Zambrano), Carlos Edelmiro, Taketina, Rocky, Nadia Lartigue, Tonatiuh E Trejo, Clara Guzmán González, Juan Pablo Villegas, and Mario Alberto Bravo.

Yutindudi receives kind financial support from Other People, which enables them to continue their artistic pursuits and realize their creative vision.


Rolando Hernández – Topializ – Objects

Topializ is a composition by oral/mnemonic instructions based on Toltecayotl (Toltec Philosophy) and guided by 3 devices which are activated by performative gestures: Yuhcatiliztli (The way every object is the way it is), a palm rug who serves as a mediator between the oral instructions and the couple who iterates the piece, Topializtli (What is necessary to save/preserve), 26 sheets of paper with Nahuatl words and its translations and 4 different color strings inside a palm box made by hand. Each couple can use 8 Nahuatl words and Tlapializtli (The action of saving/preserving), 3 envelopes with different cuts. Each cut of the envelope is related to the oral instructions and is meant to put the sheets of paper with Nahuatl words as a way to create a musical structure for the composition.

The composer gives the oral instructions to the first couple, then the first couple will give the instructions to the second one. The same process will happen between the second and third couple.

This composition, because of its nature, can only be executed 3 times by 3 different couples. Afterwards it will become an installation exhibiting the different processes  of each couple as well as the elasticity of the oral/mnemonic instructions between the composer and the 3 couples working between 2017 to the end of the piece.

The first couple is conformed by Santiago Astaburuaga and Cristián Alvear (Chile)
The second couple is formed by Catriel Nievas and Sergio Merce (Argentina)
The third couple is integrated by Andrea Neumann and Lucio Capece (Berlin)

ROLANDO HERNÁNDEZ Is an artist and researcher. His practice focuses in the possibilities of the roles of the curator, researcher, composer as artist and the politic and social interactions in music, sound, historiography and art.

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