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Akusmatik als Labor book release!

Jul 2023  

Wir laden herzlich ein zur Präsentation unseres kürzlich erschienenen Buches
/ You are cordially invited to the presentation of our recently published book /

Akusmatik als Labor: Kunst–Kultur–Medien
Book release!

July 20. 19:00h
Errant Sound
Rungestrasse 20, 10179 Berlin

Acousmatics is sound that we hear without seeing what causes it – voice without body. Akusmatik als Labor: Kultur – Kunst – Medien is a multidisciplinary plea for the relevance of acousmatics today. From the invention of radiophony and tape to concrete music, acousmatics massively penetrated everyday life in the last century, only to be replaced again by more body-based audio-visual communication, most recently with the introduction of the smartphone. What is the significance of voices without bodies today, and in which areas? 17 artists and scholars address acousmatics as a cultural technique with a view to the fields of art, literature, music, media and film studies, and philosophy. In addition, the volume contains QR code-supported online video documentation of the Berlin Acousmatic Lectures (2014 to 2021) initiated by Mario Asef.

Alle sind willkommen / Open to the public
The event will be in German and English.

At the event the book will be for sale at a discount.

Herausgeber / Editors: Sven Spieker, Mario Asef 2023

Autor*innen / Authors:
Alex Arteaga, Mario Asef , Johannes Block, Sabeth Buchmann, Mladen Dolar, Bernhard Dotzler, Wolfgang Ernst, Tim Hagemann, Bernd Harbeck-Pingel, Irene Lehmann, Jurij Murašov, Deniza Popova , Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Sabine Sanio , Holger Schulze, Sven Spieker , Mai Wegener

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