Jul 2023  

Final exhibition of Berlin School of Sound Sounding Art course 2023

Opening: 21st July at 5pm
Exhibition 22 – 27th of July, every day from 4-9pm

Harpa, Kimi Recor, Lutz Gallmeister, Manuel Carbone, Nixie Maefly, Samantha Tiussi, Samaquias Lorta and Simon Hill

The culminating show of the 2023 Sounding Art course of Berlin School of Sound features an emphasis on kinetics and interactivity and a particular focus on social relations that manifest through the psychology of material resonances; ways of starting anew, whether it be through migration and social upheaval, or through personal realizations and inner struggle. Spiritual pathways and reflections on different forms of life therefore form the core of many of the works.

Rami Abi Rafi – روح على طريق تاني : ruuh ‘ala tariq tani –

“This piece is a reflection of my transformative journey, which attempts to address themes of migration, forced exile, existential experience(s), memory, and time, through my reversed interpretation of Alvin Lucier’s – I Am Sitting in a Room.”

Samantha Tiussi – Piano Glass and the Creature’s Awakening

“The audience is invited to generate the narrative that animates the creature. When the Piano Glass is played, the creature materializes from the sounds, which serve as its life force. This is an enigmatic dialogue between the instrument and entity, a thread that binds melody to movement, creating a mystical narrative of different life forms.”

Nixie Maefly – Votive

“Puppets are proposed as divination objects. In addition to his sculptural practice, Nixie Maefly’s puppets are informed by queer survivalism. Akin to the history of puppetry, queer survivalism enacts the mimetic suspension of disbelief in order to imagine and enact a future through fantasy.”

Lutz Gallmeister – Beziehungen im Tanz des Meeres

“The multi-channel sound installation uses the sea as a metaphor to reflect the interplay of closeness and distance. The sounds within the installation symbolise the fluidity of relationships as they approach, merge and then move apart again. Like the waves of the sea, the sounds unite to form harmonious melodies, but a dissonance ultimately washes them apart again.”

Samaquias Lortas – Acoustic Terrarium

“Acoustic Terrarium seeks to create an acoustic ecology between performer and listener. An exploration of acoustics that sustains and maintains a relationship with the ecosystem the piece inhabits.”

Kimi Recor – Resonant Frequencies

“…The gong representing Mercury aligns precisely with the frequency attributed to the planet of expression and communication. Likewise, the Jupiter gong resonates in perfect harmony with the benevolent and expansive energy emanated by the revered king of planets.”

Manuel Carbone – “I Hope this Will Resonate with You”

“I have asked fellow sound artists and friends to contribute with a one minute sound, for a total of 22 sounds. No instructions nor guidelines were provided and the contributors were free to send me any sound they had recorded and felt like sharing. Each sound collected has been then associated to a card of the Major Arcana.”

Simon Hill – Natural Oscillations

“An interactive installation that invites visitors to explore the hypnotic relationship between sound and movement. By attaching accelerometers to harmonically moving objects, they become organic low-frequency oscillators, bringing their natural modulation into the digital realm.”