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The Listening Biennial

Jul 2023  

Errant Sound is pleased to host this evening of performances and screenings as part of The Listening Biennial, with Lisa Stewart, Alex Reynolds and Alma Söderberg, with introduction by Brandon LaBelle

Saturday, July 15, 19:30

Errant Sound, Rungestrasse 20, 10179 Berlin

Lisa Stewart

Recipes for Transmutation: A Meditation in 3 Parts – Live Edition

Recipes for Transmutation is a folding narrative sound piece that stretches limbs between metaphysical and earthly concerns, returning to oral storytelling and embodied ways of transmitting understanding. The piece travels between varying dimensional planes and states of being – from deep sea embryology through to financial advice from a small cat and past lives as a harp. As well as contemplations on the limitations of the embedded programs of language vs. uncodified resonant sounds.

Lisa Stewart (B. 1986 Naarm/Melbourne, Australia) is a multidisciplinary artist working across sound, video, collage, performance, sensorial alchemy and somatic live art experiences. Her creations offer bridges between micro/macrocosmic realms, offering new bodily understandings of webs of connection within both our inner and outer universes, and how these spaces can meld and transform. Acting as a magician of invisible matter, specialising in post-biotic slime supplements; hypnotic tourism;  shape shifting; shadow undercurrents; timeline jumping and other non-specified realms. 97% organic ingredients** embedded with digital liminal.

Alex Reynolds and Alma Söderberg

The Hand that Sings(2021, 27 min)

Screening of the film, with introduction by Brandon LaBelle

A voice says ‘bird’ and a bird appears in the eye, when only a second ago it was a hand, or a tree, or a whistle. Sounds of the manual extraction of cork are coaxed into music by a singing hand. Meanwhile, words in Spanish and English are traded on a rooftop, from one friend’s mouth to another. The Hand that Sings attempts a sensorial resistance to fixity and hierarchy in order to remain all eyes and ears, attentive to detail and transformation.

Choreographer Alma Söderberg and filmmaker Alex Reynolds met in Brussels in 2016. Since then, their practices are intertwined. Although they work in different fields they share an obsession for the tension between the aural and the visual and its political, ethical, and aesthetic implications. They think about background and foreground, and about how listening is a tool to move into the depths of seeing.https://listeningbiennial.net/

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