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CASH – group exhibition & performances

Aug 2023  

1. – 10. September 2023

with works by Institut für Elektroakustik Hamburg West (Chrizzi Heinen & Felix Raeithel), Nico Daleman, Psychedelic Choir, Max Joy, Alessandra Eramo & Davide Tidoni, Mario Asef, Oliver Möst, Roberta Busechian, Georg Werner, Steffi Weismann

Collapsing payment systems are reinforcing the call for better transactions methods. When we say better, we usually mean cleaner, more secure, and more transparent. But what kind of “dirt” will we have rid ourselves of when only contactless payment methods are permitted? Behind such questions lies more than just the fight for preserving cash. It is about negotiating participation and exchange in a broader sense. This group exhibition is dedicated to the traces of transactions: Visible or invisible, digital or analog transactions, which here in particular also become audible. In installations and sound performances, concrete themes such as hyperinflation in Venezuela or a music of broken ATMs are presented. In addition, the fragility of matter and bodies becomes conscious, along with their acoustic sediments.

Davide Tidoni: When Sound Ends

Exhibition Opening: Friday 1. Sept. 2023 6-10 pm

at Errant Sound with live presentations on the roof top of Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

7:30 pm Mario Asef »Kemmuna Nation» (film screening)

8:15 pm Alessandra Eramo & Davide Tidoni: »When Sound Ends« UA/2023 (sound performance)

9:00 pm Roberta Busechian: »the sensitive deal« UA/2023 (sound performance with streaming, remote streamers: Cassidy Leerman (Canada), Fernando López Andujar (Spain), Eric Wong (Germany)

Exhibition: 2./3. and 8.-10. September 2023, 4 – 8 pm

Installations by: Institute for Electroacoustics Hamburg West (Chrizzi Heinen and Felix Raeithel), Nico Daleman, Psychedelic Choir, Max Joy, Mario Asef, Oliver Möst and Georg Werner.

Psychedelic Choir, Photo by Evgenia Chetvertkova

Saturday 2nd of September Live Program (roof top space RS20, same building)

7:15pm Psychedelic Choir »Per Diem» (site specific vocal performance) Bass: Leah Buckareff, Vocals: Gosia Gajdemska, Irina Gheorge, Ana Kavalis, Lyllie Rouvière, Zorka Wollny as Errant Sound)

8pm »Musik kaputter Geldautomaten» – Lecture by Chrizzi Heinen & Felix Raeithel

8:45 »digital coin flip» – sonic games with augmented coins and stories of customs performance by Steffi Weismann

Sunday 10th of September Finissage Live Program (Errant Sound)

8 pm »Modulo für die Bolivarische Republik des Klangs» performance by Nico Daleman

a multichannel sound sculpture and performance using depreciated Venezuelan bank notes as sonic material to comment on the different perspectives of the hyperinflation, migration, and international policies on Venezuela.

Crafts from hyperinflated money in Venezuela, photo by Nico Daleman

free admission to exhibition and events, donations appreciated

CASH is funded by Senatverwaltung für Kultur und Gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt and is part of Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik Berlin