Environmental Studies Quartet

Aug 2023  

Tuesday 22. August 2023 18:00 – 21:00
durational performance / performative installation by Marina Cyrino, Takako Suzuki, Tony Buck, Emilio Gordoa

The audience is invited to enter and leave the space as they wish /
free entry – donation based.

Marina Cyrino, Photo: Liis Ring

The group develops and uses various instruments, mechanical devices, installations and mise-en-scène in creating a durational performance. The interaction and manipulation of these created environments, in varying modes of presentation, both contrast and complement one another. The group will specifically explore Suzuki’s philosophies of theatre and movement within a theatrical/non-theatrical space and the role of improvisation herein.
Musician and video artist Tony Buck, musician Emilio Gordoa, flautist, performance artist and researcher Marina Cyrino and dancer and choreographer Takako Suzuki are all based in Berlin.

Takako Suzuki – dance, movements, interactions in space
Marina Cyrino – amplified piccolo & alto flute, rotating wheels played with dry plants
Tony Buck – drums, installation, video
Emilio Gordoa – vibraphone, installation with kinetic objects

Generously supported by The Gwaertler Stiftung

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