New Hemispheres Ratios – Lucio Capece

Aug 2023  

New Hemispheres Ratios – Lucio Capece

Composition for 8 tracks Sampler S2400

Saturday August 26th 2023, 8pm

Errant Sound, Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

Entry: suggested donation 5-8€

Errant Sound presents Lucio Capece’s live-performance of his new 60-minutes-piece “New Hemispheres Ratios” for 8 Tracks output Sampler Isla S2400 and 8 loudspeakers placed surrounding the audience. It consists of sampled cello and bass clarinet sounds, saw tones, pulses, and sine tones. The piece is linking ratios in intervals and rhythms. The same number of ratios form the basis of a polyrhythmic structure, as do the pitches, which then form the intervals of overlapping sequences.

The Argentinian musician Lucio Capece, based in in Berlin since 2004, has been creating several spacial works focused in the sonic perception experience. After a long process of research he composed this acousmatic piece to be live-performed with a specific 8-channel sampler: The Isla Sampler is a last generation device produced following the construction structure of the legendary E-MU 1200, a sampler very popular in the 90´s, and played mainly in the Hip Hop scene. The Isla S2400 has taken the construction structure, plus it´s strength and performative versatility, adding the last technology available these days.

The cello sounds for this project have been commissioned to Judith Hamman, who is highly trained in just intonation, overtones and related extended techniques. more information here

Lucio Capece: New Hemispheres Ratios

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