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Sep 2023  

Emilie Škrijelj : accordion, speakers

Tom Malmendier : percussions, speakers

Michael Thieke : clarinet, speakers

Sat 16.09.23

16-20: exhibition / sound installation

20h : concert

Sun 17.09.23

16-20h : exhibition / sound installation

Bruine is between the concert and the sound installation. It is a question of extending the instruments using several loudspeakers of different natures, like the diffusers of the “ondes Martenot”, chosen and manufactured to color, alter and filter the instruments.  Each instrument will be connected to several loudspeakers placed into the objects on the floor. The loudspeaker device offers different distinct listening points which disturb the acoustic/amplified relationship according to the disposition of the listener causing effects of multiphony, fragmentation and saturation. Diffusers as well as musicians will have to be mobile to inhabit the space in its volume and its different planes.

Since 2019, the French accordion player Emilie Skrijelj and the Belgian drummer Tom Malmendier develop many musical projects and collaborations like their duo Les Marquises, their trio with Mike Ladd, Elio Amberg or Christine Abdelnour. They created their own label “eux saem” focused on experimental and improv music.

The question of transversality and space plays an important role in their project, like “Presque île”, a serie of in situ improvisation videos, which places the landscape at the center of its research and their last project Bruine between concert and sound installation in which they invited the Berliner clarinet player Michael Thieke (International Nothing, The Pitch,…)

Cie OUATE / Coproduction GMEA, Centre national de Création Musicale d’Albi 

Support : Région Grand Est / Spedidam / Césaré, CNCM de Reims / L’Arsenal, Cité musicale de Metz / FRAC Lorraine / Frag/ment