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Sculpted Sonorities – Özcan Ertek

Jan 2024  

19.-25. Januray 2024

Sculpted Sonorities at Errant Sound invites visitors to explore two kinetic-interactive sonic sculptures, the psychology of material resonances and their roots. The exhibition examines and synthesizes various themes such as movement, migration, social change, and material observation based on movement. 

Exhibition: 20. / 21. / 24. / 25. January 4-8pm 

Finissage performances: 25. Jan. at 8pm:
Özcan Ertek – Devil’s Rope: On a Journey of No Return
– Brenda Alamilla und Andi Teichmann: Co-habiting time/ Co-habitar el tiempo

Erteks installation Devil’s Rope, induces viewers to explore materials associated with borders, utilizing barbed wire and turnbuckles to evoke themes of movement and human mobility. It transforms the gallery into a symbolic space with a border, dynamically altering its soundscape in response to the audience’s proximity. The installation offers a confrontation and confines visitors’ mobility in the exhibition space, addressing the social resonance of borders.

Complementing this narrative, the second work, Das Loop, invites participants to engage more intimately with the exploration of movement on a micro-scale, using a plate, magnet, and metal particles. The continuous repetition in Das Loop’s circular movement mirrors the process of chaos and order in the world of particles, exploring the nuanced interplay within this dualism. Drawing from the raw materials, both of these works occur at the intersection of sound, material and space.

Özcan Ertek: Das Loop, kinetic-interactive sound installation
– metal plate, 3d print arm, magnet, electric motor, metal particles, speaker –

Özcan Ertek, completed his master’s degree in Sound Engineering and Sonic Arts in Istanbul 2015, followed by a diploma programme in the Art and Media department at the University of the Arts Berlin. Since November 2018, Ertek has been exhibiting kinetic sound installations featuring new media and mechanics in Berlin, as well as performing as a musician. 

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