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Farewell Exhibition: Co-sounding – Towards a Sonorous Land – Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Feb 2024  

Leider müssen wir unsere Räume hier in der Rungestr. 20 verlassen. Mit leeren Bilderrahmen verabschieden wir uns nach 5 Jahren. Hören Sie nochmal rein…
Unfortunately, we have to leave our rooms here at Rungestr. 20. With empty picture frames we say goodbye after 5 years. Listen in the last time …

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Opening 16th February, 6pm, Artist talk at 7pm
February 17th, 18th, 21st and 22nd, 4 – 8pm

“Co-sounding: Towards a Sonorous Land” is an artistic research that interrogates the visual dominance of western landscape representation as a colonial practice that posits land as a passive object for the consumptive gaze of the viewer. The installation of Co-sounding invites the audience to listen intimately to sound recordings gathered at the present sites portrayed in several historic landscape paintings from the European romantic era that also coincides with its colonial histories. The exhibition consists of several custom-built empty but framed canvasses informed by the canonical landscape paintings while audience interaction with them builds participatory sonic narratives. Equipping the canvases with speakers and multitude of sensors, the sounds are made to spill over the frames encompassing the positions of the viewers. The work thus delves into a sonically empowered unpacking of the colonial-era landscape paintings to listen intimately in between the shades to reveal epistemic layers. Considering these landscape paintings as constructs of European colonization of lands and the Anthropocene, the project aims to destabilize these sterile art objects found in European museums today by sonic interaction design as participatory tool for public intervention.  

Project team:

Artist, project leader, research, concept, design, and sound: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, IXDM Basel

Electronics assembly and testing: Bidisha Das, KHM Cologne

Coding support: Yann Patrick Martins, IXDM Basel

Woodwork and engineering support: Tobias Lintl, Vienna

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay is a contemporary artist, researcher, and writer. Chattopadhyay produces works for large-scale installations and live performance addressing issues of environment and ecology, migration, race, and decoloniality. His works have been widely exhibited, performed, or presented across the globe. Chattopadhyay has an expansive body of scholarly publications in artistic research, media theory and aesthetics in leading peer-reviewed journals. He is the author of four books including The Nomadic Listener (2020), The Auditory Setting (2021), Between the Headphones (2021), and Sound Practices in the Global South (2022). Chattopadhyay holds a PhD in Artistic Research and Sound Studies from the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, Leiden University, and is currently a Visiting Professor at the Critical Media Lab, Basel, Switzerland.