Konzert Minimal / Martijn Tellinga

9 Feb , 2014  

5 consecutive days 5 hours: 16 - 21h 5 players enter the gallery space daily for one ...



19 Jan , 2014  

the exhibition brings together works that take us closer to silence, materializing its underheard presence and appropriating it through states of ...


Installation – Anke Eckardt

26 Nov , 2013  

The presentation takes place in cooperation with GENERAL PUBLIC IN ...


Nice Rain

8 May , 2013  

a soundscape of intentions (Gilles Aubry, 2013, ...


in residence – Marta Ferretti and Gaia Martino

21 Apr , 2013  

The project is developed as research into the relation between narrative and public space particular to the city of Berlin. It aims to investigate the notion of "narrative city topography" through open discussions, ...


Dirty Ear Forum

10 Jan , 2013  

Dirty Ear Forum focuses on contemporary sound culture and sonic practices as an expanded framework for rethinking knowledge structures and creative strategies, spatial demarcations and bodily identities, and for ...


The New Silence (j.chang k.nutters mj.olsen) – in residence

2 Dec , 2012  

The New Silence aims to further specify and articulate a location by manually adjusting the background noise during a performance or social situation, redefining the threshold of silence, thus revealing the new ...


Econew-mics: Ethnology of Crisis

9 Nov , 2012  

"What does the crisis sound like?" and "What does the crisis look ...


Not I

22 Jan , 2012  

a series of works by artists experimenting with new modes of performativity, to research the gaps and openings between voice and language, sense and communication, I and Not ...